Steve – Sales Executive

October 15, 2015

Dana and the entire Foundation team are amazing!  They helped us all the way from the time we decided to go through the Marriage Boot Camp, to the point that we determined an amicable divorce was going to be our path and it was time to split up peacefully and maturely.

Dana worked with us through the entire process. The mediation, while challenging and emotional at times, went smoothly and efficiently.  With passion comes emotion but the main focus was always what was best for everyone involved and Dana kept us on task and moving forward.  She helped us part ways without hating each other or having the usual animosity that couples do during and after divorce.  Though divorce is unfortunate and painful, if it becomes inevitable, then this process is truly the way they should all go. With the help of Dana and Rick, we were able to file our own paperwork rather than spending our hard earned money fighting through attorneys.  

Now that it's behind us, we can focus on co-parenting our daughter as a team with the tools we need to handle whatever conflicts may come.  We both continue to see Dana for coaching and she is our parenting facilitator should we come upon any problems we can't resolve on our own.   

Sales Executive

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