About Us

About Foundation Coaching Group

Foundation Coaching Group offers what may be some of the most unique coaching programs available anywhere in the world of Coaching! We do not serve an out-of-the-box coaching curriculum that someone else taught us on a webinar. Our unique range of custom coaching programs are only available to OUR clients, have been developed over 20 years and have been used with thousands of satisfied clients!

Foundation Coaching Group has eight highly qualified COACHES who provide more than 40 unique services for families, couples, singles, professionals and corporations. Our team is made up of some of the most talented and credentialed Life Coaches in the business today as you will see from our “SERVICES” tab. We represent virtually every coaching niche a client could want AND, if we don’t have the service you’re looking for, we’ll help you find a coach that does!

If you read Our Philosophy below, you will find that it is our PURPOSE to make a difference by partnering with our fellow coaches and to help all in our community get the support they need!

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, click on our “CONTACT” tab. Our beautiful offices are located in Richardson Texas and they provide a warm, comfortable environment for clients to work face-to-face with their coach. We are also available for our out of town clients via phone and video conferencing.


Our unique Company models the same attributes that we encourage our clients to embrace which are individuality and uniqueness. It is never our focus to compare ourselves to any competitor, agency, coach or counselor rather; our energy is centered on our own improvement and being a Company that sets the standards for the industry that we both love and lead. Therefore, it is with integrity and great responsibility that we waste no time peering through the windows or websites of fellow professionals who share the common purpose of serving our community, rather we join with them in celebrating this amazing passion we’ve been given, to help our fellow man heal and grow. To this end, we serve our clients, community and peers, with gratefulness, humbleness and boundless enthusiasm.

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