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Dana Heartman is an outstanding Speaker and Life Coach. She knows how to get things done and group experiences flow under her leadership. She is a gifted speaker who has a dynamic personality that will make you think about your life and motivations. She is not afraid to get down and dirty if it means she can help another person.

She is a fascinating storyteller, not afraid to be upfront, and is truthful all while having a great sense of humor and a humble delivery.  Dana’s life purpose is to help others grow and reach their full potential and you need not be in her presence long to understand how much she loves what she does and is gifted like very few others.  To that end, there is no personal life experience, which she is unwilling to share if it would help another person grow or have hope.   She relates well to people of all ages and is a charming, talented, honest and charismatic coach/woman.  With her help, I have become the woman I always longed to be.

C. Abbott

July 18, 2018

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