What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a way for individuals to seek new perspectives in their lives and gain resources that will help them grow to their full potential. Coaches offer tools and use techniques that help identify the barriers that may stand in the way of success that often the client himself is unaware of. Working with a strong coach will help in discovering blind spots and building new healthy beliefs about one’s self that will ultimately lead to a healthier more successful you. Clients will learn about their strengths and weaknesses while gaining tools to overcome the latter and excel in the areas they have strong capabilities in.

Life coaches aren’t counselors or therapists; they do not listen session after session to problems that are plaguing the lives of their clients. They are action oriented and have an expectation of their client’s full involvement in solving the issues that are brought to the table.

Life coaches help their clients identify good habits, set goals, and recognize barriers so they can propel their lives forward. The coach’s will bring all the necessary resources to the table that will provide positive changes in the client’s life, providing the client is in full participation and coaches support their clients objectives and not their own.

Couples coaching is much the same only the team works not only on their own goal but their relationship dynamic. By improving one’s self, the relationship naturally benefits however, the couples sessions are focused on unique and extremely powerful tools that help couples have healthy communication, resolve conflict in healthy ways, learn to have difficult conversations with ease, deal with family issues, rid themselves of damaging behavior that is breaking the relationship, healing from broken trust, reconnecting and much more.

Family coaching involves the inclusion of adolescent children into the process of bonding and strengthening the family dynamic. When teens are creating drama, parents can often become divided. This process of coaching focuses on the reconnection and rebonding of the family members.

What is an Executive Coach or Business Coach?

Somewhat like Life Coaching, Business or Executive coaching is focused on the goals of the professional’s corporate objectives and growth.  The objective will be driven toward productivity and career development yet will always take into consideration the overall life balance of the individual. 

What are motivational or public speakers?

Public speakers are intended to compel an audience to the objective of the company.  Motivational speakers tend to give speeches that are intended to inspire or motivate the audience toward a directive set by the company.  Hiring companies may want speakers to project a company message, change or strategy within the speech itself.   The business will usually have an objective in mind for the speaker and a desired outcome that typically calls their teams to action.  

What is 360° feedback?

360° Feedback is a customized process by which clients, along with their coach prepare an extensive questionnaire for use in proving the client with a clear perspective of how he/she is viewed by other people in their life.  The client provides 8-12 individuals (contact information) to their coach from various areas of their life such as, co workers, friends, family members, boss, neighbors, church or club associates etc.  The more well rounded the peer group, the better the feedback.  The 360° assessment is sent to the selected group who can anonymously answer questions for the good of their peer.  All feedback is submitted to the coach only and a final assessment report is delivered to the client protecting the detailed answers of each participant.  This powerful tool helps the client discover how they are viewed by those around them and helps discover blind spots.  

How do I choose which coach is best for me?

There are two ways to do this. You can look through our Bio pages and get to know each coach, their specialties, niches and some even have their own website links that will direct you to their blogs. As you research each coach, find the one whose background and talent speaks to you. Secondly, you can contact our offices and tell us what service or area of coaching you are seeking and we will help connect you the coach best suited to your needs.

You may contact our offices at 214-295-8289 or you can email us at info@FoundationCoach.com.
Dana Heartman or Sarah McKinzie will help you find your perfect coach!

You offer several types of mediation and arbitration, what is the difference in the various services?

Our mediation and arbitration services do cover several areas. We provide divorce mediation for couples going through this painful legal process who would like to work out the details of property settlement, child custody, division of debt, division of assets and virtually any issues associated with a divorce without a battle. A mediator can help facilitate this process even prior to the hiring of attorney’s for those couples who don’t want to spend their life savings on their divorce. Our mediator, Dana Heartman, is current on all Texas Family Law but is NOT an attorney. She can provide the proper documentation to attorneys that outline the agreements reached so that divorce papers can be drawn with the least possible expense.

Arbitration by panel is pretty self explanatory. Most often used in civil cases when two parties want to avoid the cost of attorney’s and court. Our arbitrators are not attorney’s but are current on Texas Law and will provide the proper documentation to attorneys for filing the agreements with the court at the conclusion of arbitration.

Corporate Arbitration is simply a third party helping resolve disputes between two businesses or business partners.

What services do you offer blended families or blended families in crisis?

We provide several services to our blended family clients. Blended family coaching is recommended when co-parents are having conflicts between two households regarding issues involving their common children but have not yet taken legal action. Our BF Coaches help both parties see clear and concise solutions as well as providing information regarding current Texas Family Law so that both parties can understand what possible findings a court might have if they pursued legal action for their differences.

Our Mediation for family disputes service is focused on helping families resolve the issues they’re facing with regard to custody, child support or other issues that might require a legal modification to their existing legal agreement. We can help, prior to attorneys so that the parents don’t have to spend as much money working back and forth on agreements through their respective legal representatives. The positive outcome of this process is a document that can be sent to one attorney so the filing of an Agreed Modification can be processed through the court without a trial.

During the process of the above mentioned mediation, often a parenting plan is needed. Other times, a parenting plan might be needed when a change is involved with the current agreement and parents are experiencing high conflict in their relationship.

How do I get certified as a Life Coach?

We are proudly affiliated with the Certified Coaches Federation who certify coaches from basic through master levels across the US as well as Internationally.  Their Dallas area certification course is often held in the offices of Foundation Coaching Group.

If you are interested in becoming a certified life coach, contact Dorothy@CertifiedCoachesFederation.com, go to www.CertifiedCoachesFederation.com or call, 1.866.455.2155 to learn more.


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