Hilary – Executive Product Director

June 29, 2015

This past year I became emotionally crippled, frozen with a floundering business, acceptance of my Mother’s new Alzheimer’s diagnosis and new role as head-of-family fiscal planner. This didn’t even account for my existing baggage in tow. Dana helped me ‘uncork’ the stories I have been carrying with me since childhood so I could tackle new obstacles without those childhood filters that were holding me back. Throughout my work with Dana, I've found the understanding and acceptance, insight and compassion that I needed to surround me during this difficult juncture. She is one of the few people whom I trust today and while the journey is not an easy one, I have found her techniques, feedback, skills and overall whole-hearted-compassion for what she is doing to be comforting and reassuring. She is sure to make a safe haven for you to express your pain, hurt, thoughts and desires. If you're ready to take the steps needed to initiate your journey, take solace in knowing your partnership with Dana during the process is in very competent, open and trustworthy hands. She will stand in your corner beside you.


Executive Product Director

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