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Lolita Harris
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Lolita Harris is a Life Coach dedicated to helping women, couples, families and teenaged girls overcome challenges and reach the personal, emotional and life changing growth they desire in their lives and relationships.

She served as a hairstylist for 24 years in Chicago and Dallas and it was behind the chair that she discovered her purpose was helping women to become their personal best by sharing her wisdom and providing tools for change. Through her coaching, her clients, began shedding the masks they wore to hide painful negative emotions and it became her role to help them find not only external but their internal beauty.

The evolution her clients experience lead Lolita to her true purpose and in 2009, she began the process of attaining her ministry certification from Covenant Training Institute, where she gained knowledge and wisdom of the Word of God to aid in the healing process for those she would later guide. In 2013 she completed her certification for life coaching at Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching and as an avid “life time learner”, she continues her education today at Light University.

In 2014 Lolita launched her own coaching practice, Navigating the Heart, in Plano Texas. In September of 2015, she joined Foundation Coaching Group and became a facilitator with the Marriage Boot Camp and the Life Enrichment Boot Camp which are life changing seminars offered across the US. Together with her new coaching team, she desires to give back to other families through her own experience of divorce, that which she was not able to accomplish through many years of fighting for her marriage alone.

Now armed with the tools to fight for victory in marriages she uses her skills whether as a coach, a speaker to women’s groups, churches or simply meeting someone in passing, to empower the lives she encounters with strategy to WIN in life and relationships.

Lolita Harris grew up in Chicago and has been a resident of Frisco, Texas since 2002. She was married for 14 years to a former professional athlete and has the awesome privilege of co-parenting their three children ages 16, 18 and 25. Lolita understands the pain of divorce and the challenges it brings. Outside of God and her family, her friends and her work are the closest thing to her heart.

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