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Lisa Goins, ICF, NASM
Certified Life Coach

Lisa specializes in Health & Life coaching. She believes that both are intricately woven together and encourages people to think holistically as they seek to make changes in their lives. Her vast life experiences, paired with education, extensive training, and a multitude of certifications have all prepared her to coach in a variety of areas: general health and wellness, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, inner healing and maintaining personal relationships, guidance through parenting, expanding and exploring spiritual habits and beliefs, day to day finances, career changes or advancement and educational directions and decisions, just to name a few. Lisa engages her clients in “Whole Life” coaching, encouraging them to bring balance to their lives; physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Career: Her career began in a corporate setting in Texas, then expanded to marriage and motherhood, and eventually took her abroad to Indonesia where her life experiences stretched deep and wide as a missionary. After 10 years, cancer and family health challenges brought her back to the United States. She became a Breast Cancer survivor, which in turn lead her to her next career as a Personal Trainer with a true passion for health and wellness. Continuing her love for learning she earned several fitness and nutrition certifications, along with becoming a Yoga instructor, which finally led her to simultaneously obtain her Life and Heath coaching certifications.

Along the way, through immense pain, tragedy and grief she has developed a deep faith in God. Gifted with an innate ability to communicate and a deep desire for healing broken places in herself and others, she is able to turn life challenges into valued character, giving her the true heart of a coach. She continues to live a diverse and successful life and she lives to empower her clients to do the same.

Relationships: Lisa has been married to her best friend for 35 years and has raised 4 children here in the US and abroad. As a child and young adult, she faced many of the same life challenges you may be facing today, including adverse or dysfunctional family and interpersonal relationships, addictive behaviors, depression, loss and grief. Her recovery was organic and spanned many years as she healed, grew and developed skills to live a whole and balanced life herself. She coaches on a variety of life challenges because she has lived them and has a strong desire to help others live balanced, healthy lives.

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