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Dr. Julie Alvira, MD
Certified Life Coach

Dr. Julie Alvira, although an M.D. and MBA, found her passion to be coaching others. After overcoming life and related emotional challenges, it became clear to her that she wanted to help as a recovery advocate for her clients.

She volunteered at a women’s treatment center in recovery coaching to get a true feeling of the community and learned about the various types of recovery during group meetings and sessions. Julie blends her academic capabilities, natural talents, personal, and professional experience to deliver empowering coaching sessions. She is a firm believer in finding the root of the problem and help clients take the appropriate actions toward personal growth.

Julie specializes in recovery from addictions and getting healthier but knows that during this journey other areas might be addressed such as: life issues, interpersonal relationships, stress management, emotional eating, nutrition habits, grocery shopping education, physical exercise, burn out, relapse prevention, self confidence, and self esteem.

Dr. Julie speaks to groups, wellness events, workshops and has served on radio programs as a panel member and moderator. She was selected as an expert panel member for America’s Next Great Trainer and asked to be a contributor to their book, Transform your life.

Additionally, she was eager to join the elite coaching organization, Foundation Coaching Group in 2017, where her leadership and expertise are helping her clients reach their full potential.

Dr. Julie is a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach, Addictions Recovery Coach, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Certified Advanced Clinical Interventionist, and national medical writer in health and wellness publications. She is the founder of Coach Dr. Julie, LLC

Services: wellness, recovery, addictions. Help a clients get unstuck from compulsive eating and lack of physical exercise for a successful recovery plan.


You may contact Julie for scheduling at Julie@FoundationCoach.com

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