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Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Froswa' Booker-Drew has an extensive background in leadership, partnership development, training and education. She is currently National Community Engagement Director for World Vision, serving as a catalyst, partnership broker, and builder of the capacity of local partners, facilitating the emergence and strengthening of community-led initiatives to improve and sustain the well-being of children and their families. She supervises staff in several locations around the United States. She is a member of the Texas Nonprofit Council which provides recommendations to the legislature on policy that impacts nonprofits and faith-based organizations. Froswa' has been a part of the AWOW International Girls Leadership Initiative offering consulting, curriculum and program development providing instruction to girls in the US and in Ghana. She is also is a strategy officer for The Red Umbrella, an international nonprofit.

She was a part of the documentary, Friendly Captivity, a film that follows a cast of 7 women from Dallas to India. She was a semi-finalist for the SMU TED Talks in 2012, received the Girlfriends Rock Award, 2013 Recognized Alumni from the History Department of the University of Texas at Arlington, 2012 Outstanding African American Alumni Award from the University of Texas at Arlington, 2009 Woman of the Year Award by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and was awarded Diversity Ambassador for the American Red Cross. Froswa' is a PhD graduate from Antioch University in Leadership and Change with a focus on relational leadership and social capital. She attended the Jean Baker Miller Institute at Wellesley in June 2013 for training in relational cultural theory and has completed training on Immunity to Change based on the work of Kegan and Lahey of Harvard. She has also completed training through UNICEF on Equity Based Evaluations and is a member of the American Evaluation Association. She is the author of the book, Rules of Engagement: Making Connections Last. The workbook helps women build identity and psychological capital that can result in stronger social capital. Froswa' was a workshop presenter at the United Nations in June 2013 on the Access to Power and participated in the International Dialogue on Relational Learning and Leadership Conference in October 2013.

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