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The tactic to beat Dormhold with WX in Alliance War is kinda tricky you cannot do it in the first attempt due to the fact that you cant prevent Wong from taunting which will be your doom in the end. They cannot be killed easily with Axmen's initial burst, and they can fully take out Jubilee and Beast from the battle. Neutralizing Dr. Octopus is the main goal in beating Sinister Six. Ikaris ultimate literally made them harmless to the point where you can use only Sersi and Ikaris alone to deal with them. For all other teams, Secret Avengers will pose an unsolvable enigma that can be beaten only by META teams. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Gamma is the best team in the game for War by far. MCU's Young Avengers Roster Is Complete Now By Mariah Mayhugh Published Oct 16, 2022 She-Hulk's reveal of Bruce Banner's son Skaar could be the missing piece for a long-awaited Young Avengers roster. Territory Battles, Which Characters First? Moreover, you will benefit from the Kamehameha blast along with unavoidable area-of-effect (AOE) skills from Vision, Hulkbuster, and Deathlok. However, for higher Punch Ups you will need Doctor Doom and his ultimate. Your main focus should be taking down Dormammu as soon as possible, after which you should prevail on pure strength. Its gotta be, right? Counter Command Gives Strong And Weak Counters Against A Target. The team comprises America Chavez, Echo, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man (Miles), and Squirrel Girl. Zemo will initiate a fight by clearing Defense Up from all enemies and by picking who should be Ability Blocked (Viv Vision, obviously). I will do it in the next couple of days but for now, you can see counters and punch-ups. With this team, gamers have done punch ups of almost double the normal quantity. Taskmaster will create chaos on the enemy team with his ultimate. I dont think that Scopely would throw around a sentence like this without it having some legs: This powerful team will be formidable against Infinity Watch and many other of the top teams in Alliance War.. The new Wakanda team is really strong. She is a plucky Super Hero Brawler who assists and generates ability energy for her allies. You can collect numerous characters in the game, including the Young Avengers. Underworld is a fantastic team in War Offense, but at the same time, they can be a tricky opponent in Defense too. IW also has some always-hitting attacks, and more importantly, they start combat with Safeguard and Immunity. The list of Counters we provided will be updated and improved constantly. If you cant kill Captain America fast enough and he is about to use his special in the second turn, things may become difficult but depending on the team you are using (all suggested counters fit the criteria) you will have plenty of options to slow or control Captain so he cannot use his special ability on time. Gamma is also an obvious counter. Taking down Dormammu right after Shang Chi is mandatory, therefore it is best to use Omegas ultimate on him and Stun him with Silver Samurai while focusing on Shang Chi in the meantime as usual. Taskmasters and Mr. Negativitys kit together will tear apart Emarauders with an insane punch-up. Eternal synergy is the best counter for them. With Dazzler you will have a mass cleansing option while with Sunfire you will significantly increase the damage output of the entire team. And they are occasionally delivered telepathically for ease of consumption. Recap and Review of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, S1E8: Ribbit and Rip It, Recap and Review of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, S1E7: The Retreat, Recap and Review of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, S1E6: Just Jen. Pym Tech has no means to remove debuffs, so A.I.M.s main strength will remain unopposed and good enough for an easy win with a considerable punch-up. A huge punch-up is possible. You will not be able to place Ability Block on Dormammu, but you can prevent MLF from granting free turns to her team. He is a soldier reanimated with cybernetic technology. In short, when you see Secret Avengers with Nick Fury just use your 2 Eternals regardless of their strength and you will win. Maya Lopez was born deaf, but she has the ability to mimic the movements of others. Some teams have the same counters for both Cosmic Crucible and War and the only way to make it easy for you is to duplicate content for those teams. A significant punch-up is possible when using this team against WW. Maybe the best option against Uxmen is a duplicate team boosted with Emma Frost. Hulkbusters barrier and additional HP to the rest of the team grant you an easy survival against Wakandas initial burst. In theory Dormhold in the right circumstances can defeat GAMMA. Any chance KB could be tech node viable in doom 2? They have Immunity and Safeguard at the start (will protect them against initial mass Blind and buffs stealing) and their damage potential is high enough to deal with the new Horseman team. Being able to fully cripple Viv Vision at the start of combat, makes Bionic Avengers harmless against Rogue and the company. Aside from Eternals, existing Horseman teams can also easily beat HA. Then, to accompany them, weve been introduced to a couple other Spiderfolk to complete the new Web-Warriors team. With the recent update, we got such a team. They cannot be killed easily with Axmens initial burst, and they can fully take out Jubilee and Beast from the battle. If they are boosted by Dormammu, the only thing you have to do is add Dormammu to the Underworld team. Nerds on Earth exists to highlight the best of a Friendly Local Game Shop (FLGS). He deals debilitating blasts to enemies while buffing his Bionic Avenger allies. Bionic Avengers is a new synergy and there are definitely more teams that can deal with them and save you the teams I already proposed for other enemies. However, the above mentioned counters are known to excel in the Alliance War. Secret Avengers and Kestrel are easy picks. That makes it hard for them to beat opponents, and I will present you some of the teams which can take them down. Very concise and appreciated. Since Thanos will use his special before Namors turn, you will have no fear of placing debuffs on BO after Namor executes the ultimate. Ravagers dont have Ability Block, but TChalla can steal Ability Energy from Doctor Doom, prolonging his ultimate long enough for you to deal with the rest of the enemies. Eternals and Black Order can do that. Having that in mind, I had to pinpoint them as a justified pick. If you cant you will still win, but with a little more effort. Spider-Man (Miles) is a utility knife, Speeding Up allies and slowing down enemies giving you trouble. Unfortunately, there cannot be a significant punch-up here. You will not break any other existing team. You can afford some punch-ups with them but with limitations. Whether you replace Dazzler or Sunfire depends entirely on you and your roster. Original Uncanny X-Men (with Psylocke) is another team that can easily beat Axmen. It utilizes Coulsons immunity in AW Defense with Silver Surfers sustain that is boosted by Yo-Yo. Nico Minoru Passive will synergize well with Jesica Jones, which will be one of the keys to the victory. Just like our popular. Next to each counter team, you will see a symbol that represents possible Punch Ups. Comic Haul: This is My Pile of Marvel Bronze Age Comics Im Ready to Clean, Review of Paizos Starfinder Galactic Magic. Possible punch-ups are broken and you dont need anyone else but Hela and ZIM. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. X-Men are logical counters to Brotherhood, but the presence of DD can fully change the outcome. Omega Reds passive will place Trauma and Heal Block on start, which will fully neutralize Squirrel Girl. Undying is best to pair up with TW or NW because both teams have three members, which is ideal. MSF: Spider weaver counter - The combination of Dormammu and Young Avengers is pretty common nowadays. I had some success against the pre-Kate version of YA with the old pre-Shang-Chi H4H counter - Black Bolt, YoYo, Kestrel, Surfer, and Doom/Emma. Unfortunately, with Axmen you cannot expect wins if punch-up is significant (50k+). He channels energy through the Muramasa Blade, which, when charged, delivers a series of powerful strikes, This mutant is armed with adamantium claws that ignore armour, but they also allow him to tear his enemies apart. MARVEL Strike Force Software SCOPELY Ajei Benally was born into a family of Navajo weavers who passed their abilities and traditions from generation to generation. How are YA a viable investment? Marvel Strike Force: Mister Negative is a Net Positive for, Marvel Strike Force: Introducing Spider-Weaver and the, Marvel Strike Force: Unlock Abomination in the Hulk Hunter. Weapon X can beat the defending Darkhold / Dormhold in War. I really like when characters in Marvel Strike Force have thematic tie-ins to their mechanics. Most of them have additional bonuses just for Offense, but Taskmaster has everything in Warr generally. As long as players are able to withstand the Web Warriors first attack, they will have no problem crushing this team. When you have a character that will harass them and use their buffs against them you can afford a big punch-up. He is a synthetic being that can avoid enemy attacks. As soon as you kill Shang Chi, I honestly suggest you turn on auto-combat because that is the only way to win on time. That means that if she attains the Blind condition, she actually only has a 50% miss chance instead of the full 100%. Against Dormhold it is best that they are supported by Dormammu. So THATS what 8w means! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Inhumans stats are mediocre now, but Yo-Yos presence will significantly increase sustain of your Eternals giving Ikaris enough time to survive and use his ultimate for the second time. With Bionics against Axmen, punch-ups from 300k to even 500k are possible, as long as your Hulkbuster is decent. Since the game is based on the classic Marvel series, you will likely encounter similar aspects in the game to those in the movies, comics, and series. Looking through the rest of Echos kit reveals some other strong mechanics. Unlimited X-Men in particular, as long as you incapacitate Thor with Rogue. is almost forgotten as an offensive option but if you have them and need to battle with Pym Tech, they are an ideal pick. Most importantly, you want to know what alternate options in addition to well-known counters are. Play smartly, and do not waste some of your powerful abilities if Weaver has Charged you will win. Dark Hunters with Dormammu is another viable way of dealing with Dorm/H4H. Weapon X is one of the few specialized WAR teams that have all benefits in both Offense and Defense. It also looks like Young Avengers will be relegated to War Defense instead of including War attacks, thanks to the wording of Echos Special Ability. Next in the line is Kate Bishop and you are good to go. Mr. Players can advance to the following Division by achieving high rankings in tournaments, which increases your Tribunal Rating. The best way to deal with them is to combine Eternals with Black Bolt, Yo-Yo, and Crystal. However, as we all know, AI controls the team in Defense meaning that the battle can go in your favor if AI doesnt target Wong with ORs ultimate (which is essential for Weapon X to win the match-up). Young Avengers DESTROYED with this Counter | BIG Punch Ups | MSF Heck, our Alliance has a lot of trouble even getting past some of the first nodes because of their difficulty. In War, Weapon X is a viable solution for YA. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Eternals and Tangled Web have everything required to avoid being stuck by Absorbing Man. You should not have any difficulties and you can allow yourself a punch-up of at least 100k. Note that we are working to add more content around effective Offensive Counters in Alliance Wars and can add infographics from popular sources within the MSF community. The most wanted information in Marvel Strike Force is what are counters for a specific team. Their damage output is greater than Wakandas even in CC but you should be careful though because immunity on Wakanda members will prevent you from controlling the battle with Ability Block. Allegedly, Darkhold with MLF passive level 6 can easily defeat a Dormammu and Young Avengers team. If you have Skirmishers in your team, you can remove Dormammus buffs in the process. The presence of Crystal grants healing to your Inhumans while Eternals are doing the job and BB is here only to exploit his passive and finish out enemies earlier. ADVERTISEMENT Bionic Avengers Infinity Watch Unlimited X-Man Trauma and Heal block are everything you need against Young Avengers. You cannot expect the same available punch-up as with previous teams but their initial burst grants you the possibility to kill Anti-Venom fast after which, everything is just a matter of time. Easy kills fill those teams with additional Speed, and Sinister Six is helpless against them. Eternals (Fortifier)+Tangled Web (Striker), Eternals(Fortifier)+Baron Zemo(Fortifier)+Loki+Emma, Eternals (Fortifier)+New Warriors(Striker), Symbiotes with Skirmisher + Silver Surfer, Young Avengers+Dormammu (dependent on RNG). Weapon X is considered the most justified counter for the Young Avengers team in MSF, however, you need to have Dark Hunters. Infinity Watch needs to be a bit stronger to be able to win. But it is noteworthy that you still have to defend your own Helicarrier to be successful in this gaming mode. Kinda tempted to put those two with Chavez and Eternals. Thereafter, players should focus on Kate Bishop. If you use Dormhold, a punch-up can be significantly higher, and the strategy is the same. The only thing I can say is that Fantomex, Gambit, and Rogue are mandatory. The only thing you need to do is to use Magnetos special on Ghost. MSF: Young Avengers counter - Putting teams in a box like that makes theory-crafting fly out the window. I am not a fan of combining Doctor Doom with A-Force in War, but that is definitely a legitimate option. That means they get additional buffs and bonuses whenever theyre fighting Raid battles. Below you will see the list of viable counters. Weapon X is another hard counter for Hero Asgardians. The Alliance War allows players to flex their entire roster in an all-out assault on an opposing Alliance Helicarrier. Unlimited X-Men is the team that should easily counter Death Seed. By following this method, players can easily deal 100 000 damage to the enemy. Those results are accurate, but they can be misleading. Spider-Punk follows everything up with an encore, constantly granting Offense Up and making sure the Critical hits keep coming. MSF: Best Iso-8 for America Chavez - They can fully control the battle by placing Abi Block on Beast and quickly removing Jubilee with Elektras ultimate. As long as there are all A-Force members, Nico Minoru will place Trauma and Disrupt on her primary target (Squirrel Girl) and most probably on Ms.Marvel and Echo. No shit! They were specifically built to hard-counter 8W. However, many players have wondered what the perfect counter is for the Young Avengers. You cannot afford any punch-up whatsoever and you must be careful since Morbiuss initial Blind will not affect Dormammu. For early access to graphics like this, as well as offers on roster reviews and my resource management tool, join our public discord server If you have your insights and ideas, please share them with us so we can make the best possible list of Counters. Having summons on the battlefield grants Ikariss ultimate to always land twice making it possible that any combination with Eternals can obliterate the Secret Avenger team with a punch-up that can be doubled or even tripled. While Weapon X should do the trick, they do the trick against anyone, and I'm curious what else people have found. AW Defense - Team Counters | Marvel Church 2023 - Nerds on Earth. The system prioritizes stage clears, the lowest number of Offensive attempts, turn bonuses, and healthy characters, among other things. In ourCosmic Crucible-best Defense Teamsarticle, I suggested what teams are justified to be put in CC Defense. She is Visions synthetically-created daughter. She uses her cybernetics to slice at enemies while applying a Bleed effect, Omega Red uses his Mutant Death Aura to apply a Trauma Status to enemies. New Warriors are usually combined with Eternals for offensive purposes since there are only three of them and only 2 Eternals and they synergize perfectly. Baron Zemo will initiate the combat by removing Immunity from enemies before placing Ability Block on either SS or Crystal. If Shang Chi resisted Ability Block, the outcome of the battle will not be so certain. Listen, now that you've seen this, I'll tell you that if you like Nerds on Earth, you should give our email list a try. In War that wouldnt be so smart, but in Cosmic Crucible, it is definitely possible. MSF: Spider weaver counter MSF: Spider weaver counter January 12, 2023 During MSF Cosmic Crucible and Alliance War, you may have to counter Spider-Weaver and the Bionic Avengers are allegedly perfect for the job. However, in order to make these attacks unavoidable, you need to have 3 or more Bionic Avengers on your team. After having visions of Naashjeii, Ajei was informed about the Web of Life and Destiny. GAMMA is the ultimate War Offense option at the moment. Some teams have the same counters for both Cosmic Crucible and War and the only way to make it easy for you is to duplicate content for those teams. The MSF Web Bot's Counter command ~c will give you the strategic advantage in every Alliance War. They will prevent Cloak from controlling the battle and they have enough self-healing to survive New Warriors initial burst. Darkhold with MLF passive level 6 can easily deal with Dorm/YA. Players can enjoy exhilarating role-playing in Marvel Strike Force (MSF). It is not even needed to bring anyone else but Hela and ZIM and you can afford ridiculous punch-ups. MSF: Echo Joins the Young Avengers Continuing the trend of tapping into the latest Marvel hype, Scopely is introducing Echo to the game as a new Young Avenger. Magik and Phoenix can easily deal with this combo because they dont have an option to remove Storms debuffs and penetrate the Uncanny X-Men Barrier. The tactic is easy initiate a fight with Abi Block on Squirrel Girl while putting the rest of the Focus on Dormammu. - The best place on earth for nerds. However, note the following for use on War Defense. As long as Night Nurses ultimate is on level 7, you have nothing to fear because Symbiotes debuffs will be your advantage on NNs turn. After that everything should be easy. Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania: A Fitting Third Ant-Man Tale or MCU Filler? Having toons with Skirmisher of high level can help you remove initial buffs on Dormammu, after which you can take the control of the battle and hopefully prevail before the time is off. Secret Avengers synergize perfectly with Skil Heroes, therefore Kestrel and Nick Fury are logical choices for assembling a dangerous Defensive set-up. However, if the enemy is significantly stronger than you, even your wit and strategy understanding will not save you. Sure, she also gains Slow with Blind, but thats a really cool mechanic for the character. Underworld and Undying will easily deal with Emarauders. Safeguard on start neutralizes Ikaris ultimate and Infinity Watch prevails on a pure consistency of synergy and sustain.

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