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Sign, Center Identification: Any sign which identifies a shopping center, industrial center, or office center, or a group of three or more uses or businesses by name, address, or symbol. The Arizona State Statutes and the Zoning Ordinance require that four (4) conditions exist on the subject property for a variance to be approved. Phoenix Renovation - get access to a huge library of legal forms. SHAPE PHX officially launched on June 6, 2022 with Release 1. City Of Phoenix by the Superintendent of the Housing Services Division, or any building, structure or lot which is in such a condition as to constitute an imminent danger of fire, as determined by the Fire Marshal, shall constitute a public nuisance, subject to summary abatement, through This is the minimum area required to maintain the process of natural channel movement. All collector streets provide for short distance traffic movement and provide direct access to abutting land. Sec. MLS# 6140778. . 4. Shade Structure: A structure, such as a pergola, arbor or open porch, which is designed and used for protection from the sun and which contains at least one (1) side which is at least fifty percent (50%) open. Landscaped Parking: Landscaped parking are those parking areas which contain landscaping with the useable parking area, and may include, but are not limited to, the following elements: Large Scale Commercial Retail: Commercial development with primary building(s) greater than 100,000 square feet gross business area as a single freestanding use or in conjunction with other uses on a lot(s) or parcel(s). hb```a``r^_@ ( No. No. G-5380, 2009; Ord. Medical Marijuana: Means all parts of the genus cannabis whether growing or not, and the seed of such plants that may be administered to treat or alleviate a qualifying patients debilitating medical condition or symptoms associated with the patients debilitating medical condition. Carport: An open building the principal use of which is the storage of motor vehicles, at least two sides of which shall be at least 50% open. All arterial streets provide for moderate to long distance traffic movement within Phoenix and between Phoenix and adjacent cities. Mainline of Freeway/Expressway: Repealed. No. A community residence center shall be licensed by the State of Arizona or the City of Phoenix. Major Retail Shopping Building: Repealed. Automated Collection Center: A self-contained machine to collect and weigh recyclable consumer materials, to reimburse mechanically the depositor of said materials, and to store temporarily said materials before shipment to a recycling center. Abutting: Contact at boundary with street or alley. No. Cart Corral Temporary: An enclosure for the holding of push carts made available for use by the public for shopping during normal business hours. G-4498, 2003; Ord. III, Construction or Removal Generally Sec. G-3465, 1991; Ord. No. 2 Baths. G-4255, 2000; Ord. No. No. G-5959, 2014; Ord. Fondling or other erotic touching of human genitals, pubic region, buttock, or female breast. (Ord. A boarding house is not a community residence home or center, hotel, motel, residential inn, or bed and breakfast. Street, Side: A street identified by an area plan towards which the side of buildings are oriented. No. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. SOLD FEB 7, 2023. No. Provides direct access to abutting land. Stay connected with us! Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): A development pattern characterized by a mix of uses surrounding a transit platform where streets have a high level of connectivity, blocks are small, and streetscape, buildings, and uses cater to the pedestrian. TTY 711 Parking Lot, Private: A lot upon which cars are parked without charge and in conformance with requirements of Section 702. Auto Court Cluster: A single-family detached development pattern which focuses lots around a shared access drive between single-family detached lots. Which is clearly associated or related to the use of the main building, other structure, or use of land, and, 2. Ft. 2089 Mattamy Ct, VENICE, FL 34292. G-4532, 2003; Ord. 105 of these administrative provisions. G-3504, 1992; Ord. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. Portico: A porch or walkway with a roof supported by columns, often leading to the entrance of a building. No. Garagescape: The presence of uniformity in the treatment of house facades as it relates to the dominant presence of the garage on the street front elevation. Aesthetic: The perception of artistic elements or elements in the natural or created environment that are pleasing to the eye. Lot, Corner: A lot abutting on two or more intersecting streets where the interior angle of intersection does not exceed one hundred thirty-five (135) degrees. A group foster home shall be licensed by the State of Arizona and does not include homes licensed as a family foster home that are over capacity and have a group foster home certification. Right-of-Way: A strip of land acquired by reservation, dedication, forced dedication, prescription, or condemnation and intended to be occupied by a road, crosswalk, railroad, electric transmission lines, or similar exclusive public use. The spaces between letters, which make up words or elements of the sign and contrasting backgrounds, illustrations, borders, or devices shall be included. Where appropriately zoned, restaurant, bar, personal and retail services, and entertainment may also be available. No. No. For purposes of this paragraph, "on site" means the contiguous areal extent of contamination and all suitable locations in close proximity to the contamination that are reasonably necessary to implement the remedial or corrective action. Commercial Center: Lot(s) containing a commercial building or buildings where: there are three or more businesses or tenants contained therein, the lot contains 30,000 square feet of gross floor area or more, and buildings are served by common parking areas. CeoC,$&/4#"U]D~66'u3# ^V&^ux2EHn6`J#1hETS Ib%DRHQd$@ However, a person with a disability shall not include: (1) any person currently engaging in the illegal use of controlled substances [as defined in Section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 United States Code 802)]; or (2) any person who would constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or would result in substantial physical damage to the property of others that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation. For concerns during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) please call the Planning and Development Departments main switchboard at 602-262-7811. Dwelling Unit: One (1) or more rooms within a building arranged, designed, or used for residential purposes for one (1) family and containing independent sanitary and cooking facilities. G-4230, 1999; Ord. G-3829, 1995; Ord. Professionally drafted and regularly updated online templates. Includes bulk storage and handling of such products or materials. This classification excludes establishments providing engine repair; body and fender work; vehicle painting; towing; or repair of heavy trucks, or construction vehicles. Neighborhood Collection Center: A facility that accepts, handles and temporarily stores recyclable consumer materials before shipment to a recycling center. Collectors may have one to two through lanes in each direction. G-4553, 2003; Ord. No. If the front and rear lines are not parallel, the shortest distance between the midpoint of the front lot line and the midpoint of the rear lot line. G-6810, 1, 2021). Natural Grade: The elevation through any section of a site on an undisturbed lot at the time of adoption of this ordinance by City Council. PDD Online - Search. The intent is to promote "eyes on the street" and passive supervision of the public space. Mobile vending site: "Mobile vending site" or "site" (as used in subsection 10-166(b)(1) of the Phoenix City Code) means the property address or Maricopa County parcel number of the land where the mobile vending unit or mobile food vending unit will be located, which is required to be submitted to the City Clerk pursuant to subsection 10-163(11) of the Phoenix City Code. Retention Basin: A facility for the permanent storage of stormwater runoff. A nursing home shall be licensed by the State of Arizona. No. Artistic Enhancement: Permanent works of art located in exterior spaces arranged for public use and enjoyment. 66. Relief, Architectural: The avoidance of a single continuous plane on a building facade by the incorporation of inset forms such as windows or doors and/or the incorporation of forms which project from the primary building surface such as wainscot, cornice or the projection of organic or geometric ornamentation. Also included are all buildings, parking, storage and service areas, and private roads or driveways which are an integral part of the establishment. General Office: An establishment where commercial activities take place but where goods are not produced, sold, or repaired. This includes advancing of money on the security of pledged goods or engaging in the business of purchasing tangible personal property on the condition that it may be redeemed or repurchased by the seller for a fixed or variable price within a fixed or variable period of time. Erosion Control Zone: That portion of a watercourse which may include all or part of the one hundred-year floodway, one hundred-year floodplain, or erosion hazard zones wherein the encroachment of buildings, structures, fill or excavation material is determined by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and/or City of Phoenix to cause detrimental impacts to the public health, safety, and general welfare for properties upstream or downstream of the subject site. A single off-site location at which the licensee may manufacture marijuana products and package and store marijuana and marijuana products, but from which marijuana and marijuana products may not be transferred or sold to consumers. Service Station: Same as "Automobile Service Station". Queue(ing) Lane: A lane on a lot for the exclusive use of vehicles accessing a service window or parking structure. Use: The purpose for which a building, lot, sign, or other structure is arranged, intended, designed, occupied or maintained. The Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus. The panhandle portion of the lot is not required to meet the required minimum lot width at the required front yard setback. The connecting structure is less than ten (10) feet wide; or. Vehicles must be less than 10,000 gross pounds. Last summer, a plan for the house to be donated to the School of Architecture at Taliesin fell through. Fill: Sand, gravel, earth, or other materials of any composition whatsoever placed or deposited by humans. 3 0 obj G-3663, 1993; Ord. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. The connecting structure is greater than ten (10) feet wide and the length of the connection is more than twice the width of the connecting structure. G-3731, 1994; Ord. 31-44. Assembly Hall: A building or portion of a building that is used on a continuing basis for dances, parties, receptions, and other gatherings which may provide all or some of the following: live or amplified music, live or amplified entertainment, serve alcoholic beverages, or serve catered meals. Sign, Directional: Any sign which is designed solely for the purpose of traffic or pedestrian direction and placed on the property to which or on which the public is directed. Mixed Use Development: A site in which a minimum of 50 percent of the ground floor building frontage is developed with an active use, and at least two land use categories exist on site that are designed to be interconnected. Sign, Property Sale, Lease Or Rental: Any sign advertising the availability for sale, rental, or lease of land or buildings. G-4457, 2002; Ord. The subject could be in violation of Phoenix City Code Noise Ordinance 23-12 if construction work is creating unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise as described by Phoenix City Code 23-14(h): Building construction. Parking Space, Retail: A retail or entertainment establishment parking space typically having high parking turnover during a day. School, Commercial: A school established to provide for the teaching of industrial, clerical, managerial, or artistic skills including such things as dance and gymnastics. G-3681, 1993; Ord. Sign (Electronic Message Display): A sign capable of displaying words, symbols, images, or figures that can be electronically or mechanically changed by remote or automatic means. Block: That property abutting one side of a street and lying between the two nearest intersecting streets, or nearest intersecting street and railroad right-of-way, unsubdivided acreage, waterways, but not an alley of such size as to interrupt the continuity of development of both sides thereof. Motor Vehicle Sales (New) and Leasing: Sales or leasing of new automobiles, motorcycles, and trucks, including storage, and incidental maintenance. A logo and corresponding business name shall be considered one item of information. Occupiable Space: An indoor or outdoor enclosed space designed for human interactions, such as but not limited to: lobbies, patios, rooftop decks and gardens, or areas for assembly, or other similar purposes. No. The area of any other multiple-face signs shall be computed as fifty percent (50%) of the sum of the area of all faces of the sign. B. Debris on Private Property. No. Sign Height: The distance measured from natural grade or the nearest public sidewalk or street curb when such are adjoining the site to the maximum height of the sign face. Cannabis: Means the following substances under whatever names they may be designated: 1. Roof, Hip: A roof with sloping ends and sides. Dwelling, Single-Family Attached: A building containing dwelling units each of which has primary ground floor access to the outside and which are attached to each other. Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Infusion Facility: A not-for-profit entity that acquires, possesses, manufactures, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies or sells medical marijuana by the means of cooking, blending, or incorporation into consumable or edible product. Mobile vendor: A person who peddles, vends, sells, serves, displays or offers to sell or gives away goods, wares or merchandise, or food from a mobile vending unit which is parked or located on a parcel of private property. Critical infrastructure can include, but is not limited to, facilities such as water treatment plants, pump stations, lift stations, water reservoirs, power generating plants and power substations. Lot, Through: A lot abutting two parallel or approximately parallel streets. Recreational Vehicle: A vehicular type unit thirty-two (32) feet or less in length and eight (8) feet or less in width, primarily designed as a temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use, which either has its own motive power or is mounted on or drawn by another vehicle. Median Days on Mkt. No. Mezzanine: A partial ceiling area between two main floors of a building. Phoenix City. No. No. 4. G-4238, 2000; Ord. permit, it is the code for an on-going non-permitted construction investigation. Additional Landscaping: Additional landscaping is landscaping done in addition to that landscaping required by a section of this ordinance, and may include, but is not limited to, the following elements: 1. This term does not include the mass assembly or mass production of dental prostheses or orthodontic appliances. G-3480, 1991; Ord. No. No. Sign, Political: Any sign which supports the candidacy of any candidate for public office or urges action on any other issue or a non-commercial nature. An individual or two (2) or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and usual servants, living together as a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling units, or. No. No. Yader Gomez. Permit requirements vary from city to city, so consult your city's building department for full requirements. G-3850, 1995; Ord. It is thus told by Jacques de Voragine, in his "Legenda Aurea:" Wall, Retaining: A wall which supports or retains earth higher on one side than the other side. Shade Tree: A tree, usually deciduous, planted primarily for overhead canopy and the diffusion of the suns rays. Yard, Required: The minimum dimensions of a front, side, or rear yard as established by the use regulations for each district. Prison: A facility in which persons are housed to serve a sentence as a result of being convicted of committing a criminal act. A. Mobile vending unit: Any motorized or nonmotorized vehicle, trailer, kiosk, pushcart, stand, display, blanket, ground covering or other device designed to be portable and not permanently attached to the ground from which any is used to sell goods, wares, merchandise or food, are peddled, vended, sold, served, displayed, offered for sale or given away. Transit-oriented design is a particular type of pedestrian-oriented design that includes design and intensity of land use to support transit in addition to pedestrians. Which is customarily in connection with the main building, other structure, or use of land, and 3. Wireless Communication Facility, Co-Located: A facility owned by one or more wireless communication service providers that is attached to a facility or site owned by a different wireless communication service provider. Buffer Strip: Open spaces, landscape areas, fences, walls, berms, or any combination thereof used to physically separate or screen one use or property from another so as to visually shield or block noise, lights, or other nuisances. b. No. G-3488, 1992; Ord. An outdoor advertising structure shall be further classified as follows: JuniorA sign of 75 square feet or less plus 20% embellishments for a total not to exceed 90 square feet. G-3681, 1993; Ord. Give us a call at (480) 656-7301 or visit our law office at 11811 N Tatum Blvd UNIT 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028. No. For purposes of a guest house, the width of the connecting structure shall be the shortest distance across its narrowest point, measured from the inside surfaces of the exterior, enclosing walls. G-3604, 1992; Ord. Garage Projection: The extension of a garage structure beyond the primary front facade of a house. GUARANTOR WAIVES ALL RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY ACTION RELATED TO THIS GUARANTY. A COW is normally vehicle-mounted and contains a telescoping boom as the antenna support structure. Such building or group of buildings being designed, intended, or used primarily for the accommodation of automobile travelers, and providing automobile parking conveniently located on the premises. Sign, Outdoor Advertising: Any billboard or other sign, which is not appurtenant to a use of the property, a product sold on or the sale or lease of the property on which it is displayed and which does not identify the place of business as a purveyor of the merchandise, services, etc., advertised upon the sign. Subdivision, Planned Residential Development: See "Planned Residential Development". In the case of a sign painted on or with letter or insignia directly affixed to the wall of a building, a residential subdivision identification sign on a perimeter site wall, or a non-residential identification sign on a perimeter site wall, the facing or surface of such sign shall include that area: a. 1. A rooming unit may contain cooling facilities, in which case each rooming unit shall be counted as a dwelling unit for density purposes. No. Sign, Construction Project: Any temporary sign erected on the premises of an existing construction project and designating the architect, contractor, designer or builder, or developer or the name and nature of the project.

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