how to get thunder helm from yiga clan

The Thunder Helm that Riju wore during the battle to reclaim the Divine Beast is sitting on a pedestal on her right. It's true that using an Ancient Arrow means sacrificing the items the Blademasters drop if one defeats them in hand-to-hand combat, but are you ever going to get those goodies going through the hideout the "real" way? [11] Riju assures Link that he will be able to use the Thunder Helm to its fullest potential and unlock the power of Urbosa that lies within. Considering how lethal lightning strikes can be in Breath of the Wild, it pays to hunt down the Thunder Helm. You'll find the Molduga at the Southern Oasis, so take a sand seal out there and stock up on some thunder weapons if you can. Medicinal Molduga can be found by speaking to Malena in the Gerudo Barracks. | Full stream: || Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildHang with me on Twitch for live screams: Nintendo Switch | Elgato HD60 S Capture Card | Canon Rebel T5 (webcam) | OBS Studio Chapter Text. Beyond his famous green tunic being replaced with the Champions Tunic, Links armor changes his appearance, raises his defense, and offers unique gameplay buffs in some cases. Theres three chests buried in the sand holding a Ruby and two Topaz, and more importantly - a fake metal wall. It'll give you "lightningproof" protection when you wear it, making it really handy for any area where you're anticipating a lot of thunder-type attacks. If you're a little lost on how to proceed, we've got you covered. The Thunder Helm,[1][2] also known as the Chief's Heirloom,[3] is a Key Item and recurring Item in The Legend of Zelda series. There are 3 stages of Yiga spawns: First stage: you have neither talked to Impa nor entered the Yiga Hideout. Finding the Yiga Clan Hideout During the "EX Champion Urbosa's Song" Main Quest, Link can hear the part Unfinished Song left by Kass's teacher that . Once the bomb explodes inside him, he'll flop over helplessly where he's vulnerable to your attacks. The main appeal of the helm is that it provides the lightning proof effect without needing the entire (upgraded) rubber set. Something went wrong. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Oops. Our mission is to get the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout. Retrace your steps, turn left at your first opportunity, and jump onto the box. These are members of the Yiga Clan in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . Run above him. Stand on the roof and hold a Mighty Banana, then press down on the directional pad to change your aim to throw the banana far away. Korok Seed Location:. After giving Isha 10 pieces of Flint, speak to her inside the Starlight Memories where shell offer to make Link one of three different accessories: the Topaz Earrings, Sapphire Circlet, or Ruby Circlet. In this hall, theres a small hole with spikes on all sides you need to glide through from the top of the ladder. Take the path forward, and turn right at your first opportunity, so that youre standing on a white cloth. . Once you explain the situation to Calyban, she's extremely unrepentant and continues to toss her discarded melon rinds into the irrigation lanes, but says she'll stop throwing her garbage into the city's water if you get her 10 wildberries. The Yiga Clan are first introduced in Breath of the Wild as assassins disguised as Hylian travelers. aka: Link gets fingered against the wall in the Royal Guard's uniform, as god intended . In order to satisfy Riju's terms, Link must complete the four Side Quests in Gerudo Town that pertain to helping the people that live there. What he actually gets his hands on comes as a . Press A to throw it. Pretty sure you have to initiate the quest to return the stolen helm to Riju. [4] Riju agrees to lend Link the Thunder Helm in exchange for resolving the Gerudo Town people's problems. Hopefully you've got enough flintto give to Isha outright so you can mark this quest done, but if not, IGN says you can find flintby breaking open the blackish ores you find in caves and on cliffs. Want to contribute to this wiki?Sign up for an account, and get started!Come join the Zelda Wiki community Discord server! The easiest place to find them is in the Rito Stables, so warp there if you're able to. Yiga Clan members are spawned via two different systems. Head back to Dalia and shell reward you with a hydromelon. Thats what youll need to collect. Link needs to speak to Isha outside her store where shell ask for 10 Flint. Edit: oh thanks never got any attention at all i thought Also im still a rookie but i entered it from the top at the gerudo highlands edit: i got in and also made lotsa cash i also got some sneaky things on so i massacred the whole clan 1 hit kill lmao. Shell give you a silver rupee. Our mission is to get the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout. Should players take the time to do every quest in Gerudo Town, they'll be rewarded with the Thunder Helm: one of Breath of the Wild's better pieces of gear. Tools of the Trade, The Mystery Polluter, Medicinal Molduga and The Search for Barta. fox hill country club membership cost. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Should players take the time to do every quest in Gerudo Town, they'll be rewarded with the Thunder Helm: one of Breath of the Wild 's better pieces of gear. The Thunder Helm is Head Gear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Starting with the one to the right of the entrance, youll find a chest with a Sapphire. All three are useful headpieces to have in Gerudo Desert resistance Electricity, Heat, and Cold respectively. Are you maybe on the wrong side? A Gerudo girl named Dalia can be found sobbing by the towns bar, The Noble Canteen. Open the treasure chest in the center of the room for some super disappointing. It's only 60 rupees, but you'll need it to finish the quest. As master of Yiga Clan, Kohga has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. RELATED:Breath Of The Wild: Every Shrine In Central Hyrule (& How To Beat Them). After talking with Riju, she will task you with finding the stolen Thunder Helm. The Thunder Helm was an heirloom that Riju inherited from her late mother, the previous chief of the Gerudo tribe. Taking the true path up the stairs, youll find out what became of Barta the Gerudo Guard. The helm was kept in Riju's place in Gerudo Town, but the palace was attacked by the Yiga Clan, who defeated the guards and stole the helm. TotK, BotW and AoC discussion | | | |, Press J to jump to the feed. Heading up the stairs, the path on the right is crawling with Yiga Blademasters, so go up the ladder first to find a giant horde of bananas and a chest holding a Topaz. The Thunder Helm is one of three pieces of equipment that will not break Link's disguise if worn with the Gerudo Set, the other two being the. Yiga Clan Hideout Guide, Thunder Helm Guide, & How to Defeat Master Kohga Zelda Breath of The Wild Lootologist 27.6K subscribers Subscribe 6K Share 494K views 5 years ago Yiga Clan Hideout. She'll put on a whole song and dance about how this is the end and it's too late for her, but she'll lament the fact that she's dying without eating one last hearty durian. The Yiga below will go over to it, giving you a chance to fall straight down and go through the door he was guarding. The Yiga Clan by Anonymous Fandoms: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Legend of . There are admittedly some glitches to get this enemy to appear in The Lost Woods, but . Shell hand over the Thunder Helm to you. After retrieving the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan and completing Vah Naboris in the Gerudo Desert, Riju will task Link with helping out the people of Gerudo Town. And I need to get into the hideout for the thunder helm. By eavesdropping on her conversation with two other guards, you'll learn that Barta (who you rescued from the Yiga clan) went to the southwest in order to check out the Leviathan bones and hasn't come back. This is all fine and dandy at first, but once you are faced with the challenge of only being able to use stealth, this place can become a bit of a hellhole. If you dont (say, youve cooked them all), you dont even have to leave Gerudo Town to find one. Hop off the box when the guard cant see you, and follow him around, collecting a. Drop it off the edge of the rafter in front of the guard, so they get distracted and run over. Speaking to Dalia reveals that she wants to plant an orchard, but cant due to extreme Hydromelon rind pollution. You won't regret it. Thankfully after an hour or so of almost smashing my controller off the wall, I found a . It seems the place is crawling with. Return to the large room below and start setting distractions wherever you can. There are no yiga at all, not even disguised travelers. When equipped, the Thunder Helm increases Links resistance towards electricity. Stunning him this wall will launch him towards you so you can beat the crap out of him until he tries his next plan. Once you've done that, head to Hawa Koth Shrine in the southwest corner of the desert, where you'll see Barta kneeling by the bones of the leviathan. Take some of the Mighty Bananas nearby and head down the stairs. Unlike earlier Zelda games, Link has access to quite a lot of armor in Breath of the Wild. At the end of the waterway, plates will find a Gerudo woman named Calyban munching on Hydromelons. A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player has shared a useful tip for dealing with the game's villainous Yiga Clan. After giving Calyban the Wildberries, shell get up and help Dalia clear the water. Before you leave, though, make sure youve got a hearty durian in your inventory. You can also take a picture of a deposit with your camera and have your sheikah slate point you to nearby ore. link didn't intend on being captured by wayward members of the yiga clan. In order to get the Thunder Helm, you must first finish the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest, then interact with the helm found next to Riju inside her mansion. You'll have to approach it from the South-West and make your way through the Hideout to the giant pit, not start at the giant pit and go backwards. newsletter, Paizo bans AI art and content in its RPGs, including community-created work, The Pathfinder and Starfinder company commits to work by human professionals, Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3s first episode is now on Crunchyroll, Disguised Toast is expanding beyond streaming, but its coming at a cost, Sign up for the That happens in the DLC mission. Youll want to stun him again - but only when one sphere is over his head so it can hit him on the way down. In order to get the Thunder Helm, you must first finish the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest, then interact with the helm found next to Riju inside her mansion. The Sacred Orb, also referred to as the Treasured Orb and the Treasure of the Gerudo, is an Object in Breath of the Wild. As you make your way to the entrance, make sure to grab the two Koroks hiding outside. The Thunder Helm When you hand them over, shell reward you with a piece of jewelry. After finishing the said main quest, speak to Dalia who is found at the north corner of Gerudo Town during the day. Head to the north east corner, where there is a guard blocking the doorway. She'll tells you that she just got married to the love of her life but he's very sick. You'll have to approach it from the South-West and make your way through the Hideout to the giant pit, not start at the giant pit and go backwards. Be sure to cross to the center to find a chest with a Silver Rupee, before making for the far corner where a Blademaster stands watch over a door. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. You should see someone lounging around on the top portion of one of the water troughs. All thats left is to head back to the throne room and talk to Riju again. Every quest will ultimately require you to hand over some of your inventory to complete. For the next quest, you'll want to talk to Liana in the bottom level of the Palace. Climb over the archway to find a chest in an alcove with a Topaz, then look for a ladder on other side to bypass the guard. Once you give it to her, she'll make a "miraculous" "recovery" and then suppose that she'll just hang out for a little while until you tell her that her boss is mad at her. You could just wander around and collect things as you need them, but well put notes in each of the sections below so you can plan a little better and save yourself some time. With the Thunder Helm now in their possession, Link and Riju initiate a plan to get Link inside the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. With the Thunder Helm, Link will be able to approach Naboris. how to get thunder helm from yiga clan When he's drawing near, run behind the crates, then go left and climb some steps. Talk to her and she'll explain the problem: now that the Divine Beast is cleansed, she's expecting to get a lot of customers at her jewelry store, but she's run out of flint! Unfortunately, the Thunder Helm cannot be upgraded at any Great Fairy Fountains capped at a defense stat of just 3. If you dont have enough already, you will accidentally collect some while looking for luminous stones to upgrade the radiant set (also in Gerudo Town), so start there. Surely there should be more? I think I have defeated all of the monsters/Yiga members in the valley that leads up to the stone door but it just won't open And I have completed the shrine. The only thing that will save him is the guts of a Molduga, and she'll ask you to get those guts for her so she can have her happy ending. After sneaking by a group of blade masters guarding the hideout, we are met face-to-face with Master Kohga - the leader of the clan. A guard patrols the box, walking around it below you. There is a massive boulder that sits right above the main entrance in the middle of the snow field. Speak to her in her cell. Some of their members are disguised in your peripheral vision, and once you attempt to start a conversation, they will . If Link speaks to Liana, Leena, or Kotta in the Barracks after speaking to Riju for the first time, Liana will ask where Barta is. Hell investigate, find the food, and get distracted while dancing and eating. After that - the true path! Once Link returns the Thunder Helm to Riju, she will wear it and trigger one of Link's memories. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. They do not want to be found. Edit: Add like said above, must initiate it first in Gerudo Town, just like i mentioned.. and received downvotes.. wtf. When Link interacts with the Thunder Helm, Riju will offer to lend it to Link. In order to get the quest to take down Divine Beast Vah Naboris underway, you'll need to travel to the Gerudo Desert. Champion Urbosa's Song is a new trial in Zelda Breath of The Wild. ZELDA: BREATH OF. Just make sure you don't get caught. She will give the helm once you finished the following side quests: Tools of the Trade Medicinal Molduga The Mystery Polluter The Search for Barta There will be two NPCs that opened the back door. Once you've liberated Molduga's guts from his uh, guts, head back to Malena, who's so happy that she'll give you a gold rupee for your troubles. When the Yiga Blademaster moves to go around the large block, place some down the path by the stairs and wait for him to take the bait before moving on. Look in the area to the north of Gerudo Tower, just to the west of the area called Sapphias Table. This time hell teleport to the middle of the room over a large pit, and summon two spheres that hell slowly spin in a circle before launching them at you. Breath of the wild series! Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity. Use Magnesis to search for clues. Thats right. Go right and hide behind the first crate. Please enter a valid email and try again. Once you get Calyban the 10 wildberries, she'll not only agree to stop littering, she'll also help Dalia out with her orchard, which will grow wildberries that Dalia will let you pick for free! When equipped, the . This Armor cannot be dyed, and cannot be upgraded by the Great Fairy Fountains. It deflects lightning strikes and is traditionaly worn only by the Gerudo chief. Head to the fruit stand next to the jewelry store, and you can buy a hearty durian (or three) for 60 rupees each. So i play BOTW (Breath Of The Wild) and when trying to infiltrate the yiga hideout there is a rock blocking the entrance. Use a thunder spear or sword for the best results and just be patient. The Gerudo having once been a tribe of thieves were greatly ashamed of the theft and the guards becamed determined to locate the Yiga Clan Hideout and retrieve it to restore Gerudo honor and punish the Yiga Clan for stealing it. Are you maybe on the wrong side? On the next tapestry to the right, youll find a treasure chest with a Purple Rupee (50). The first thing you'll want to do is head out of the palace and into the main bazaar, where you should see a woman named Isha deep in thought. I had to watch the walkthrough video for this one. From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. Head back to town as well and talk to Liana again. Your job is to solve the problems of four residents of Gerudo Town. Karusa valley is a location in breath of the wild. In Part 35, Link sneaks through the Yiga Clan Hideout to duel against Master Khoga, the leader of the Yiga Clan.For . Join me and I'll join you in the quest of Zelda: Breath of Wild! Heart Durians can be found all around West Necluda and the Faron Grasslands. Shell brush off LInk initially, demanding 10 Wildberries before she gets up and moves. Something went wrong. "Any attack on the Yiga will be bloody which, is why I propose an alternative," Riju threw out. Youll find the jewelry shop in the northernmost corner of the Gerudo Market. By submitting your email, you agree to our, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide and walkthrough, Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to get the Thunder Helm, This story is part of a group of stories called, Sign up for the We also figured out the Yiga stole the helm, and where their hideout was. It requires that Link find the Yiga Clan Hideout, infiltrate it, and make his way to the boss undetected. I killed all footsoldiers what do i have to do now? When you ask to borrow the Thunder Helm, youll pick up the The Thunder Helm side quest. If you're looking for a chance to grab this weapon, head over to Gerrudo. Link journeys to the Town of the Gerudo to get his hands on the Thunder Helm. It's a rare item so you have to complete a few quests for it. She'll even give you a free accessory for your trouble. At this point, you can feel free to warp back to Gerudo Town and advance the mission, but you have another option. . Investigate the helm to start a conversation with Riju. Youll find Barta right behind the shrine on the northeastern edge of the leviathan bones. Unfortunately, Isha the shop owner lacks the resources to actually craft any new accessories. If Link isn't careful, the banana-hungry Yiga will gladly steal anything of value from him - even the fabled Master Sword. As soon as you obtained the Thunder Helm from that chest, you will be hunted by Yiga for the rest of your playthrough, and there is no way to get permanently rid of them. The "has talked to Impa" or "has visited Hideout" condition is only for non-archer footsoldiers. . After the fight, youll get the Thunder Helm, which you can take back to Riju in Gerudo Town. She mentions . Then, hide behind the big crate, take the bananas out and throw them in the Yiga's sight. We travel from Gerudo. While his powers are quite intimidating, he has a rather peculiar, if not outright comical, personality. Her garden keeps getting ruined by trash washing down the water supply. Though Link will "receive" the item, it will not appear in the inventory nor will it return to its pedestal, and it cannot be obtained from speaking to Riju again. YouTube channel ThornyFox recently uploaded a clip of a member of the Yiga Clan stealing the iconic sword. If you need help, check out our guide for defeating a molduga. Youll see a. [6] After defeating the leader of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga, Link will find the Thunder Helm in a Treasure Chest. You can jump from the ledge above onto a high platform and drop bananas from here, and even get a Ruby, Opal, and Amber in the corner if you are careful. Barta has wandered off to investigate the leviathan bones that lie far to the southwest of Gerudo Town. When you ask to borrow the Thunder Helm, you'll pick up the 'The Thunder Helm' side quest. The most tempting reason to stick around is right next to Riju no, not Buliara. Without the desperation of stopping Naboris driving us, we could postpone our attack to another day, and formulate a better plan." Speak to Liana to complete the quest and get 100 Rupees for the trouble. They aren't impossible to defeat - but they can be a real handful. To create a Mii Fighter go to: Games & More Mii Fighter Create Select the Mii you want to edit and then choose between a Brawler, Swordfighter or Gunner (This effects their moves and outfit choices). Youre reward lies on the other side - chests with two Gold Rupees (300)! In the lower level of the palace, you should see a woman named Malena, according to Caticulated. "A small team, skilled in the art of stealth, could sneak into their stronghold, and retrieve the Thunder Helm. If you want this swank piece of armor that will grant you the "Lightningproof" ability, you're going to have to show Riju that you're a friend of her people. Some are static spawns, which means that they are listed in map units and visible on the object map (search for Assassin). Next:Age of Calamity: Meals Worth Cooking Before Battle (& How To Unlock Them). Drop it off the edge of the rafter in front of the guard, so they get distracted and run over. Founded by Sheikah who were rejected by the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Yiga aim to kill Link in the name of Calamity Ganon. | Full stream:. Dont burn the banner though - it leads back to the main room. It might not have been a strictly good idea, but the thing was bound to a chair by rope and chain. In the very northernmost corner of the town, youll find a little vai named Dalia. You have been tasked by the Gerudo to get back the stolen Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan Hideout. After completing the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest, speak to her again to start the Side . However, after Link completes enough main quests, most Yiga Clan members the player sees are actually dynamically spawned.

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