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And the album like any blues release does feature its share of downers. This year, they performed a similar feat, claiming three more awards, including Blues Album of the Year for 2021s Saving Grace. Remembering Fleetwood Mac Founder Peter Green, The Soulful Voice Of British Blues. Dont let the title of Jeremiah Johnsons latest album fool you. Dion website, British singer-songwriter Lynne Jackaman, former frontwoman of rock band, Saint Jude, released One Shot, recorded at Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals. His song writing goes far beyond tried and tested tropes, his licks balance classic vibes with contemporary flair, and his main guitar of choice an Ernie Ball Music Man Eddie Van Halen signature isnt exactly the conventional bluesmans go to. There's the jazz end of the blues; folk blues; blues rock; straight forward, honest to goodness, down home blues; Chicago blues; British blues; country blues; as well as white men. If you enjoy our site, you can help with a small donation. Bath We know that the fans have been and are keeping the music we love alive and that theyll be there ready to jam when the pandemic has been contained and we can gather safely again. Who will be the new Foo Fighters drummer in the post-Taylor Hawkins line-up? This R&B nine piece band won the Best Live Band at the San Diego Music Awards in 2020. Joe Bonamassas credentials are well known to any fan of the blues especially those whose tastes revolve around tasty guitar work. Albert Castiglia website, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame guitarist Elvin Bishop and Grammy-winning harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite conspire as an awesome blues duo on their new album 100 Years of Blues on Alligator Records. Trying to categorize it would be a waste of time. Theyd been in Europe on tour but COVID-19 cancelled their gigs. This list answers the questions "who are the best british blues bands of all time?" I purposely left off widely celebrated names such as Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, John Mayall, and more. Led by the illustrious Kim Simmonds on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Savoy Brown began in London 55 years ago and now based in New York. My favorite on the list was Bless Your Heart. Review of Songs From The Road Its often said that every blues song is basically about a good man feeling bad. Epitomising the spirit of DIY, Darvills music has found its way into the eardrums of millions without the backing of a big label, and his tunes have appeared on hit shows like Breaking Bad, Preacher, and Bloodline. Here we have a slight interloper in the ranks. The 2020 FORM UKBlues Awards virtual presentation event took place on Sunday 17th May 2020 - and if you missed it or want to enjoy it again we have the link at the bottom of this page. By Ed Mitchell published July 30, 2010 Keeping blues music alive in 2010 Fatback Deluxe 1. Review of Self Made Man Songs From The Road shows exactly why certain performances are meant to be captured live and in the moment. Theres gusto and redemption on One Shot, with Jackaman channeling anguish and grit into bold, swinging tunes. Armed with a loop station, a briefcase full of harps and a bag of slightly homemade looking percussion instruments, Son of Dave is a one-man blues explosion. Uncivil War is a staggeringly ambitious album and because Shemekia Copeland has the skills to see it home, it may be the years best blues album. King King website. The next time you lament the death of the blues due to the neglect from younger generations, just give a quick listen to Memphis Loud by Victor Wainright and the Train and rejoice. Elvin Bishop website Having said all that, Dions friends do a more than capable job of compensating for the weaknesses of the the albums star. [38] FANTASTIC NEGRITO - HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET. Marcus King and his band have a gritty quality that many younger players seem to lack when they enter the world of the blues. All the top british blues bands named on the list also have discographies on their pages if you click on the british blues band names themselves. Black Top Run combines vocal and instrumental cuts to great effect and paints a clear picture of Landreths monumental talent and keen instincts. The set comes across as a tribute to and a step forward from some of the most important rock music to ever hit a microphone and proves that new, meaningful guitar music is still being made. Vote for the best artists to see them graduate to the top of the list. Bryant is a rhythm and blues singer who doesnt leave the blues behind. Their notable 2010s albums have been This is War, Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, and America. His lyrical themes are invariably down to earth, while his guitar playing is absolutely otherworldly. Although shes since gone on to craft a style very much of her own, the lasting effect of this early exposure to the scene can be felt in charmingly autobiographical tracks like Bluesmans Child. If 2020 will be forever remembered as the year of a deadly pandemic, it can also be thought of as a year that demonstrated the undying spirit of the blues. Dom Martin A strong opening track has a way of steamrolling the listener into submission. Rock and Blues Muse, LLC. 2020 Blues Albums Spotify Playlist If 2020 will be forever remembered as the year of a deadly pandemic, it can also be thought of as a year that demonstrated the undying spirit of the blues. Mark Lyon - Electric, Acoustic, Slide, Steel guitar and vocals. With his long hair, beard and straight from the heart playing style, Broadbent is sonically and visually a little rugged around the edges. The full-voiced tenor has created an album that has its share of weaker moments, but on balance, Take Me Back is a strong work and fine introduction to the fan whod never before experienced his output. While comparisons to Irelands wild man of the blues, Rory Gallagher, are somewhat inevitable, Martins sound is far from derivative. The album closer, Fathers Day, is a heartwarming song that wins the listener over completely. We Fly Free, released by One Road Records, is their follow up to EP, Innocence of Youth, also released in 2020, When Rivers Meet possess a clear talent for songwriting as well. Lady Day and John Coltrane pays homage to a pair of jazz greats in the most stylish way imaginable, combing jazz and the blues with a maturity you may have forgotten was possible in the blues. With a record-breaking number of votes from fans, from the Rock and Blues Muse Group, and our editorial staff, our faith in music fans has been reaffirmed. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Song Starter Kit: Bluesdaddy from Bluesdaddy, Never Rains from Hooks & Lines, Last Page from Something Old, Something New. Son of Dave Both lyrically and musically they vow to keep going and going, providing the listener with ample incentive to keep listening and listening. All important, significant and iconic names in british blues music history deserve your votes, so make sure to choose wisely. We also learn that the wounds of his upbringing, far from killing his spirit, has fueled it. This is the voice that couldnt give witness to a lie if Smither wanted it to. Having gained a sturdy online following during lockdown, the dedication of When Rivers Meets fans has recently been proven in the real world as theyve played a string of jam-packed venues on their first ever UK headline tour. Dave Horton - Electric and Acoustic guitar . A member of the same post-war generation that spawned the likes of Clapton, Beck and Page, Trowers ability to dream-up and release new material has never really waned over the years, and if anything its accelerated in recent times. Landreth is perhaps the most identifiable guitarist in American music and routinely melds blues, rock, swamp, and singer-songwriter DNA into one of the few truly original styles in the roots music world. Joe Bonamassa website, Grammy nominated roots/rock duo Larkin Poe released Self Made Man on their Tricki Woo Records and it rocks with powerful vocals, guitar and lap steel riffs, and a roaring rhythm section. From blue-eyed soul stars ( Amy Winehouse, Sam Smith, Adele) to boy bands (One Direction, Westlife), boyish-faced balladeers (Ed Sheeran, Hozier), garage rockers (Shame, The Struts, Idles) and. Review of We Fly Free Nothing complicated here, just good old fashioned blues you can shuffle to. Congratulations to all of these fine rocking blues musicians! The track that grooves and swings the hardest is Aint Goin to Do It. Its the kind of song you play when the party slows down a little and needs a jolt to keep your friends from reaching for their car keys. The list is of 2020 albums we have reviewed. With an underpinning of traditional blues and classic rock, their album We Fly Free boasts a genuine, gritty sound with a vintage vibe. Song Starter Kit: 12 Gauge from A Savage Life, Blues On The Bay from A Savage Life, Hell For You from Spain to Italy. Along the way there was another Epiphone signature model, producing Eric Gales' forthcoming studio album, a film about his own remarkable career and Joe has even reversed roles to great effect interviewing his peers in the Live From Nerdville series (check it out here (opens in new tab) it's great). Verbally and lyrically, he bears a resemblance to Johnny Guitar Watson and musically, he pays loving homage to a wide range of innovators. Huge mistake to exclude Kenny Wayne Shepperd. You introduced me to Larkin Poe and Marcus King off your list, this year, which were two great adds. If you buy it, enjoy at its best, but prepare for a release that doesnt always stay there. Fascinating Stories From Stevie Nickss Love Life, The Best Bands & Artists That Start With Y, The Greatest Pop Groups & Artists of All Time, The Best Metal Guitarists and Guitar Teams, These Poetic Geniuses Wrote Your Favorite Songs of All Time. When people think of good blues rock, names of famous bands like Led Zeppelin, Cream, the Allman Brothers Band, as well as solo blues artists like the English powerhouse Eric Clapton, and American greats Stevie Ray Vaughn and B.B. If available, you can also see information about where all british blues bands on this list got started. Joe Bonamassa Classic guest lesson: Joe Bonamassa (Image credit: Future) Joe shares some of his finest blues licks Joe is always high in this list every year - he's the biggest blues guitarist in the world, but also the hardest working. Fatback Deluxe Style: Classic American blues Influenced by: Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker Gear: Gibson ES-335, Gibson Les Paul Pro, late 60s Ampeg AUB-1 fretless bass If ever there was a bluesman suited for a bare bones recording style, it is Rush. Romance in the Dark is as erotic and romantic as its title suggests while also containing a slice of bitterness. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Will Johns British Americana might sound like a bit of a contradiction in terms, but its not a bad way to sum up the sound of Bristols Elles Bailey. } She'll be putting that back into action with live dates in her homeland next year . Eric Clapton. Keary, There are those who believe the blues is a musical idiom that can only be mastered by Americans. Lincolnshires Jack Broadbent honed his craft by playing at open mic nights and busking on city streets. Anything but traditional, he layers beatbox grooves with infectious vocal hooks and rowdy harmonica playing all wrapped up in a slightly maniacal (in a good way) on-stage persona. California-born blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher has the kind of soulful, ebullient vocals that make us briefly forget what an extraordinarily gifted guitar whiz he is. More from the Levee is just that stunningly good. Generated by Wordfence at Sat, 4 Mar 2023 13:48:21 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. Everything works to some degree, but Kings vocal chops are more vividly on display when things slow down as they do on Wildflowers and Wine and the soulful One Day Shes Here.. And its hard to think of a more powerful opener than Bobby Rushs Shake it for Me. Nearing his 90th birthday, the Louisiana-natives voice and guitar have never sounded bolder and more vibrant. Another of the albums standouts include Rocking in Louisiana. Fueled by a swamp-rock attack that Creedence Clearwater Revival would envoy, the track reminds us (as CCR did) that a true fondness for Louisiana blues can live in the hearts of those born and raised elsewhere. Here are the blues players you choose as 2020's standouts. 25 new blues artists you need to hear! Megan and Rebecca Lovell on the endless possibilities of slide guitar and playing 21st-century blues. This is the sound that inspired him as a young man and has informed his musical journey from then until now. 2021 saw Lee release his first full-length album and his vocal capabilities, although perhaps not as developed as his playing, stand him in good stead for a long career ahead as a killer frontman. Review of Wild and Free This list of the top british blues bands in the world includes all musicians who have released recordings that have gotten distribution, and is an up-to-date list. 2,625,527 listeners. With guest vocalists Chris Cote and Michelle Wilson, Blues Bash is as much fun as youd expect an album called Blues Bash to be. Picking a favorite would be tough, but the soft ballad Bell Bottom Blues (first made famous by Eric Claptain) is nothing short of heartbreaking. Its seems like only yesterday that Shemekia Copeland was hailed as a prodigy of the blues, an incipient star in a genre often neglected by those of her generation. This is magnificent thank you! Youre Gonna Need Me may be both the albums funniest and saddest track. And in case youre wondering, Johnny Iguana is the right pianist. Sugaray Rayford It also doesnt hurt that the bands leader (also its singer and chief songwriter) has the shredding skills that guitarists of all ages would understandably envy. English blues band, Savoy Brown has been proving this belief wrong since the mid-sixties. Review of Last Light On The Highway You may also want to check out Brave Rival who have just released their debut album. Sure, theres humor laced in this tale, but we get the feeling Smither means it. His unique blend of folk and blues could not possibly belong to anyone else and, for anyone unfamiliar with the legend, More From the Levee would be a wonderful place to start. But the old adage of if it aint broke, dont fix it applies very much to this legend. King, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Thackery, Tinsley Ellis, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, Double Trouble, Joanna Connor, Kim Simmonds, and more. callback: cb Especially since the bands at the top of the list will at the very least be the best choices if you're looking for a list of good british blues bands with which to start out. With a pandemic spiraling our world into crazy and dangerous directions, it was only a matter of time before the blues world captured the malaise and committed it to glorious sound. The (Male) Singer You Most Wish You Could Sound Like. The Music is the only one thing that support all of us in these mad times! One of my favorites from this year was One of Those Days by Louisanas LeRoux because it was an album that blues fans and jam band fans could enjoy together. } List includes The Yardbirds, Eric Burdon & the Animals, more. In time, it may rank as one of the very best blues songs of all time. ); Standouts include the plaintive Cant Start Over Again (with Jeff Beck) and What if I Told You (with Samantha Fish). This is a lesson he seems to have learned from the greats of the blues. Think of her as a softer, more intimate Etta James. Tackling the legendary works of Jimmy Rogers, Larry Williams and Jimmy Nolan is no easy undertaking, but Grammy nominated vocalist and blues harpist Kim Wilson is up for the task. Awesome, Fantastic , Fabulous!!! You can only vote once on this list. 40 years in the blues business have only made Ellis better and more eloquent, which rocks because he obviously still has a lot to say. Here are the blues players you choose as 2020's standouts. Nearing his 80th birthday, Smithers voice shows wear, but this isnt a bad thing. But somehow Zitos blues make us feel better. This is as lowdown and real as it gets and is a functional cure for the plastic-hearted music we all hear far too much of. { Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. Released by Provogue Records / Mascot Label Group and produced by Eric Corne, the record brings us Trout playing better guitar than ever and writing songs that are right on target for the year that 2020 has been. Why We Love Them: "Best album since Yield " is nearly as much of a Pearl Jam clich as "best since Tattoo You " is a Stones clich, but this . British husband and wife duo When Rivers Meet have been riding high since they cleaned up at the 2021 UKBlues Awards, taking home four trophies in one night. Nice list. Blues infused Southern rock, the band self-produced this 11 track, all-original album that's fresh with contemporary, expansive sounds and pristine production. British blues artists list, with photos, ranked best to worst by votes. The Allman Betts Band website, Former lead guitarist for The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kirk Fletcher is widely considered one of the best blues guitarists in the world. Altogether, it was a year of glorious surprises and traditions that havent outgrown their welcome and never will. Tickets will be on sale in the near future at UKBlues Federation. Review of Blacktop Run Cameos from time-tested veterans of the blues make the album shimmer most and the relentlessly upbeat Birmingham (featuring Robert Randolph and Keb Mo) may be the best example. Another phenomenal young playing and vocal talent that assures us guitar is in great hands. Born in the unlikely city of Paris, France at a time (1965) when the blues seemed to be in commercial decline, Bernard Allison may not have been the blues hero we were expecting, but if his latest album is any indication, hes on a mission to prove himself capable of the job. The album is an impressive accomplishment as well as a wonderful lesson in adapting to the situation at hand. Larkin Poe have developed a slide blues sound that takes classic values forward without falling down intro the retro traps so many others have. Review of Ice Cream In Hell Zitos guitar work shines most on the hard-driving Dont Touch Me, but the standout track may be the closing track, What it used to be a soft and poignant ballad at a time when such a thing is desperately needed. Walter Trout website, Guitar Superman Joe Bonamassa pays tribute to his British blues/rock heroes Jeff Beck, John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and Cream on his epically cool record Royal Tea. The harmonies on this album are part of the bands signature sound, along with well-crafted songs and outstanding musicianship. Led by vocalist/guitarist Robert Jon Burrison, whose voice is one of the most ear-pleasing today, the band includes Andrew Espantman, Steve Maggoria, Henry James and Warren Murrel. The best showcases of his talent include the tortured ballad Ill Go Crazy and the foot-stomping Cracked up Over You. Bryants latest release contains more than a few echoes of old-school R&B and that is not a bad thing at least not in Bryants capable hands. Unemployment Highly Annoyed hints that The 48-year-old guitarist/vocalist isnt a happy man. 10 questions for Joanne Shaw Taylor (opens in new tab). Kyla Brox I cant believe that you left off The Heavy North; an absolutely fantastic British band with a retro sound. Absorb every note and become part of the movement. The Gospel-influenced Burying Ground may be the albums best track because it reminds listeners of how much of Crays signature sound is rooted in his deep, resonant voice. As a vibrant collection of songs, All My Dues are Paid continues to fuel it even beyond the singers passing of roughly five months ago. Have you Lost Your Mind Yet is not for those who prefer their music blues or otherwise performed in a more straightforward, conventional manner. So awesome to see When Rivers Meet made the list!! ABOUT THE AWARDS READ THE RULES THE 2023 FINALISTS NOW LIVE Described by its creator as a straight vintage-style blues album. Blues Bash is just that. The sheer energy between Primer and Corrimore are enough to create magic. In 2020, Robert Cray sounds as much like Robert Cray as he did in 1990. The style is instantly recognizable to his fans and likely to promptly convert those who arent yet fans. Namesakes Devon Allman and Duane Betts along with group members Berry Duane Oakley, Johnny Stachela, John Ginty, R Scott Bryan, and John Lum tracked it at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama on two-inch tape, vintage style.

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