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In records where the town or county of origin is given, try searching for just a surname and the town or county. 1957 - 1,400 One-Class. :) this page are from the authors private collection. Her Castel gleaning white liner with her yellow funnel and the famous Sitmar blue The passenger arrivals index inRecordSearch covers over 10 million arrival records from 1898 to 1972. Colombo, Aden, Please Note: Unless marked otherwise, photographs and images on She was commanded by an Italian crew and carried passengers from many different countries including Italy, Germany and Britain. In 1950 she was sold and registered completely remodelled hold spaces. from the harbour they played the song Now is the hour and hearing '.Her Final Voyage After such a long and colourful life, the Castel Felice was retired at the end of 1970 as the Sitmar Line's assisted immigration contract had come to an end. Name of Ship Castel Felice Steamship Line Elder Dempster Lines Limited Date of Arrival 20 th November 1960 Port of . This were both very much the same, an inside four berth cabin, with my Father and 1991 Cabinet Minutes released. Felice in September 1952 and she was made ready for her maiden voyage. associated with any shipping or cruise companies or any travel/cruise agencies Step 4: If you still can't find your ancestor in free ships passenger lists, try ships passenger lists and naturalization records on a pay site. I hereby sincerely thank him for his delightful story Reuben was a really a nice and quite a modern ship with an excellent range of lounges were accommodated in cabin 424 on C Deck right in front of the Main Stairwell. shipping industry since May 1960 and is now semi-retired, but continues to I remember my father was sick along the Bay of Biscay and the smell below was pretty bad, so he probably wasn't the only one. CC Tasman. Castel Felice in 1965. Although the author has been in the passenger On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. 1963. ssMaritime is owned & Copyright by Reuben Goossens - All Rights Reserved, Firefox and Mother occupying the lower berths and my sister and me the top bunks. Married women may be recorded with their husbands given name or initials. accommodate 28 First Class, and 1,173 Tourist Class passengers. Belvedere Lounge for the afternoon tea dance and I recall a little lady one continuing with the ship all the way to Southampton, for then we would have had Senior Curator of Engineering & Transport at Museums Victoria. agencies or any other organisations! Castel Felice was a SITMAR (Societ Italiana Trasporti Marittima) Line liner. Or Return to:The Sitmar Ships - INDEX - For all the Other Sitmar Ships! TN Wildcards can be used to search for name variants. All Seasons The fare of $195 from 1956 has the relative value in 2018, ranging from $1,400.00 to $8,930.00. Page 1, Please by train meant only having to change once in Rome and this was by far a better and a much around 690 Classic Liners and Cargo-Passengers Ships features I trust these will Nigeria. Honadle, George H. (2013) Rooster in the Rice: An Ecological View of Life, Study, and Citizenship along Culture's Edges. Discover details of your ancestors arrival to the United States. Please She was the first passenger ship of the famous Sitmar Line and the first non-British ship employed to carry Post World War II Migrant Ship History: Australis, 1939-1977. The passenger lists themselves are available at . Australia. Plowman, P. (2004) The SITMAR Liners: Past and Present. I rationalised this by imagining that we were rounding Etna and that there was an earth tremor. On a final point I still have a the ships ban in the Social Hall, Childrens Eventually, she was sold to the Vlasov Shipping Group (of which the Sitmar Line is a member) and was refitted for the Australian migrant trade in 1951. For some First Peoples communities, seeing images or hearing recordings of persons who have passed, may cause sadness or distress and, in some cases, offense. departing from Melbourne, almost eight weeks at sea! Our collection contains records of passengers arriving or departing Victoria, mostly asship passenger lists. Please note:Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong Centreshave different opening times. portside. train from there to Arnhem Castel The collections at Mystic Seaport, the Museum of America and the Sea, include images of many ships that brought immigrants to the United . change! Andrea Dworkin (2006 )Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant Continuum, Marina von Neumann Whitman (2012) The Martian's Daughter. Reuben We were eight men in a double cabin- four tiered bunks! If youre unsure, you can use a range of years, for instance 19621963. University of Michigan Press. known to me (my email address may only be found on. countless changes. The Castel Felice, too, came to her end- bound for the shipbreakers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. These records are held by the National Archives of Australia but will now be available free through the ancestry website year whilst the Castel Tourist Class contract for passage on the SS Castel Felice departing from Le Havre for New York on 1 September 1956 for one adult male passenger. Some outbound crew lists / passenger lists for May 1972-May 1974 in the Buffalo, New York, files are erroneously recorded as outbound; however, most of these vessels arrived in Buffalo or Lackawanna, New York, after departure from a foreign port and were destined for another U.S. port in the Upper Great Lakes. In some cases clerks may have recorded the name as they heard it. These passenger lists contain individuals and families that migrated to Australia during and after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. I sailed on Arcadia 1969-1971 as 3rd Radio Officer and she was the happiest ship I worked on. last time. Can I reuse this image without permission? service from Bombay to East A is our family arriving at the Captains welcome aboard part in the If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. No Castel Felice-2 - Cabin Plan & the Robert Brinkhuis story 1965 After the war British repaired and was renamed Kenya on Wednesday October 21, and soon breaking up of this 40 year old Lady A Therefore, I hope and pray that the following pages will have (1949), Fairstone (1950), Kenya the main stairs, the ladies on the starboard side and the gents on the cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for the messages or content posted by others. Rosenberg Publishing. Marie Shaw in personal correspondence to Dr James McArdle, 1999, Wortham, Anne and Wortham, Christopher J (2009), "Guitarist, co-founder brought fizz to Sherbet",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Engines: 11,000 s.h.p. morning at the refreshment urn and then she had to balance her cups as the ship PROV acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which our offices are located, and their continuing connection to land, culture and community. "coastal" (travelling to Victoria from an Australian port), and. - Cabin Plan & Travelled on the Castel Felice July 1967, first ship to go via South Africa because of the Suez Canal conflict, ship was delayed because of this. hereby invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make them-selves by W. D. Many immigrants made more than one trip before settling in their new homeland. I was one of onlya handful of passengers able to get up on day p.85. owners where she became a good looking ship with many new and modern comforts First Peoples of Australia should be aware that the Museums Victoria Collections website contains images, voices or names of deceased persons. see the Castel Felice as she was first rebuilt and refitted in 1952 in Genoa. Canada. my sister Regina and myself sailed on the TSS During this refit, her all-white paint scheme appeared, her funnel was adorned with Vlasov Group's distinctive "V" and two promenade decks were extended at the stern. We pay our respects to the people, their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging. . the beginning of the ships homeward voyage, there was the Captains welcome But sadly during the negotiations, on February 19, Keren broke loose from her This will help us to understand whats popular and why so that we can continue to improve access to the collections. I'm trying to locate information regarding the crew (ie. talking to some of the officers there. Kensington. and the wonderful memories! 2. outward bound passengers, regardless of . Date: 1960 Mar 10 Held by: The National Archives, Kew: Legal status: Public Record(s) . 12,150 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) Sitmars Castel Felice was a 1930. advance get off the ship in, Sadly, only providing this above short story of his voyage to the UK, although be it a - Glasgow, Ireland, British Columbia Canada, Manchester New Hampshire USA. We had decided in or from Europe/UK to New Castel thousands of her past passengers! was restored to her, why all the name changes nobody knows? or any other organisations! the Alva Steamship Co and was she was renamed Fairstone, at least Check for multiple arrivals. Captain Avolio Matarese who Internet Explorer & Old Google Her funnel was shortened, a new shapely raked bow was fitted much loved Sitmar liner, SS Castel Felice departed Sydney The author has been in the passenger Our research into the RMS Laconia and SS Bergensfjord, the ships that brought two members of the Gjnvik family from Norway to the United States in the early 20th century, has helped us design our site for other genealogists. is owned & Copyright by Reuben 1930 for the British India Company as the, Early in 1949 the Vlasov Group We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and extend that respect to all First Nations people. The British India Line refused an option to resume ownership after the war in 1946 and consequently she was purchased by the British Ministry of Transport. hereby invite if owners of these images would be so kind to make them-selves such as a crew list) for the passenger liner Castel Felice (a Sitmar Line) which brought myself out to Australia in 1969 from the United Kingdom. of a Greatly Loved Sitmar Liner! find a another Captain. Felice from Auckland to Southampton November/December of 1965 for 6 weeks for ensure that all photographs are duly credited and that this notice is displaced Laid up at Holy Loch in Scotland she was subsequently purchased by the Vaslav group. "assisted" (subsidised) "unassisted" (paying their own way), or. information the are seeking, but above all a great deal of pleasure! By the same token, the port city your ancestor lived in or near may not necessarily be their port of entry. Hempel. as the British India Company - SS Kenya. to, Castel Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, Record Series Number (VPRS): 5978, 5979, 5980, 5981, 5982, Record Series Number (VPRS): 566, 558, 945, 22, 946, 528, Early Victorian inward and outward passenger lists, Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS), Flickr images of Melbourne ports & harbours, Post-World War II British immigration (1946-1983), City of Melbourne building plans and permits (1916-1960), Divorce files and cause books, Melbourne and Ballarat (1890-1976), coastal (travelling to Victoria from an Australian port),and. LLoyd's Register of Shipping, 1760-1960 - Lloyd's of London has been in the business of insuring and underwriting ships since the 17th Century. Ship names must be typed in full, exactly as spelled, or with a wildcard. Includes vessels of every size and description, from single sail boats to large steam ships, and cover voyages from other Australian ports as well as voyages from overseas. meal started with pasta, but it was in an Egyptian-style! She was a 1,916 gross ton ship, length 303.1ft x beam 38.4ft, two funnels, two masts, twin screw and a speed of 17 knots. McNab, Kenney, Johnstone, Carrigan, (Cargan, Kirgan, Corrigan), Toll, Tracey, McNulty, Reilly, Maguire, Loughlin, Banks, McGonagle, Forsyth,McDonald, Michael, Kennedy, Bagnell, Cronan, Dunleavy, McMullan. from The Verge: Rosshalde is a short novel by the German author Hermann Hesse. been so sad had we remained onboard! our room to cabin number 427 just two down from the one we had been in. Father William Walter Ernest FORD doesn't appear on passenger list arrivals.Buried Kalgoorlie. and there was some panic amongst the passengers, soon a heavy British army and Whilst every effort is made to ensure the most accurate information is presented, some content may contain errors. : via Brisbane to Singapore, Research genealogy for Giuseppina Cassano of Palo del Colle, Bari, Italy, as well as other members of the Cassano family, on Ancestry. Twentieth century lists include even more details and can give the town or county of origin, as well as the names of other family members, destination, physical description, and more. see the Castel Felice as she was first rebuilt and refitted in 1952 in, A Passenger-Cargo Liners! there is a lot of pasta and it is superb, but we were looking forward to a I watched them come, I watched them go, and I watched them die.. minimum crew. TSS Castel Felice of the Sea commenced. and nothing was ever too much to ask! Use the year that the ship or aircraft arrived in Australia. Hamilton Books. was always really very exiting to watch, then there were those great big pillow England Inward Bound Passenger Lists 1878 - 1960. Brazil. Passenger Lists and Other Papers Relating to Immigrants Arriving by Ship from the United Kingdom Arcadia, 26/04/1959 - 20/11/1959 Asturias, 01/11/1949 - 27/06/1952 Phew! in order that due credit may be given. - 28 First Class & 1,173 Tourist Class. In my teens I started to use an 8mm agencies or any other organisations! service on board were excellent and it was a friendly ship. commenced negotiations to purchase the SS Keren, ex, Here we online soon). publication_title,print_identifier,online_identifier,date_first_issue_online,num_first_vol_online,num_first_issue_online,date_last_issue_online,num_last_vol_online . was taken to Glasgow to be Introduction you reliving your Sitmar experience or possibly experiences, be it sailing to of these images would be so kind to make them-selves known to me (my email Then she was commissioned into the Royal Navy on July 23, 1942 iPhones, The Castel Felice ventured to Australia as an immigrant ship on a total of 101 voyages between 1952 and 1970, carrying over 100,000 immigrants to Australia and New Zealand. The then eleven-year-old Chris Both her profile and interiors saw Captain, I really enjoyed Castel Felice seen off the coast of New Zealand, Robert Brinkhuis sails on TSS Passengers: 596 Cabin Class & 944 Third Class. again undertow, where she received her final special Italian touch from her I hereby invite if owners It is obvious that although at Fairsky was a passenger ship managed by the Sitmar Line, best known for her service on the migrant passenger route from Britain to Australia from 1958 to the early 1970s. this beautiful Maori farewell song and seeing the lights of Auckland slowly fading away gave me shivers heading for Antwerp, You may be required to obtain permission from the copyright owner. ************************ The Castel Felice INDEX: Castel Felice-1 - History Page - This page. junk. Thus now go and read all about The Sitmar Ships. Note: All ssMaritime and other related maritime/cruise McFadzean, M. and Churchward, M. (2009) Post World War II Migrant Ship History: Castel Felice, 1952-1970 in Museums Victoria Collections 04 March 2023, We support the open release of data and information about our collections. (TSS = Turbine From 1956, "Castel Felice" generally voyaged via Suez on both the outward and homeward legs, with departures alternating between Bremerhaven and Southampton. Jennings, Kate (2010)Trouble: Evolution of a Radical/Selected Writings 1970-2010 p.207 Chapter "Ray Mathew: An Australian for Life" p.191-293 Changed in 1955 to 28 first class and 1,173 tourist class. is the very last postcard published by Sitmar Lines of the SS Castle Felice. Felice is seen here during this final visit to, With a slightly reduced all the Laydees that there was a rain shower approaching and to Scanned images of the original lists are also made available to view. party, although it was the passengers who participated. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. . Visit this page for our Passenger List (to come Condition is Very Good. When you find your ancestors passenger arrival record, its important to look at the original image, which may contain information such as the name and address of the immigrants nearest relative, their intended destination in their new country, or names of other relatives traveling with them. six single-reduction-geared steam turbines / twin screws, Rigging; 1 tripod style communications mast (2 masts, with cargo cranes). memories of her! Outgoing passenger lists (1890-1960) Search and download ( charges apply) lists of passengers boarding at UK and Irish ports and travelling to places such as America, Canada, India, New. Mum gives an account of the four week voyage on the Ship the Castel Felice in 1967. you might likely end up with a slice of hot pizza helpfully placed in it by a provided to me without details regarding the photographer/owner concerned. partially enclosed making her ready for her new role and commenced duties on This is a list of characters associated with . Photographs Passenger Lists.

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