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By the time he stopped, the speedy halfback had a 73-yard touchdown, setting a record that stood for 44 years as the longest run in any Rose Bowl. The 'Cats had practiced but rarely used a trick play in which the snap went through Burson directly to one of the halfbacks, with the other halfback in motion and the fullback decoying as if he'd receive a pitch from Burson. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images. . "If Pee Wee Day hadn't intercepted [inside the 10-yard line]," Aschenbrenner says, "they could've won, as their fullback [Brunk] was raising hell. As Tunnicliff remembers it, "He said, 'Look around, because I don't want you doing it tomorrow.'". At another end of the lobby, Sawle says to Keddie, "Do you ever look at the pictures of all of that and pinch yourself? There's 95 guys in that locker room, and everybody had a hand in us losing that game." And you could tell. ", Whenever it faced adversity, says Sawle, memories of experiences far more threatening unified and emboldened the team. He was the roommate of my host on my recruiting trip, and he had bought in 100 percent. "I understood leadership by being around those guys," says Gaspar Perricone (WCAS50), a fullback who went straight from high school to Northwestern. But it was still a prestigious event, it was starting to catch on. And Rob looks at him, and about three of us held out our hands and said, "we got this." Bowl Game: Lost Citrus Bowl 48-28 versus Tennessee. "I think most everybody had given up on us. For the first two years of the Rose Bowl's deal to exclusively match teams from the Western and Pacific Coast conferences, the Midwesterners ruled. Accessed March 04, 2023. Search all Archival and Manuscript Collections, The Tale of the Wildcats, A Centennial History of Northwestern University Athletics, Records of the Athletic Media Services (25/6), Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). According to Sam Valenzisi, one of the reasons that team was able to have that belief without evidence was that they had all been successful in the past. "There was total silence from this gigantic crowd," says Forman. People who are overachievers are more inclined to believe, and have faith, because they've always set their mind on something and accomplished it. Michigan was ineligible to return in '49 after its 49-0 romp for the roses over USC in 1948. Down 210 in the fourth quarter, the Trojans scored three straight touchdowns, with the final coming with 33 seconds remaining. "Even the national media felt we didn't have a prayer and were pretty upset we were selected. And it was great to be a representative of the team. 8. "I didn't realize Tunnicliff had broken free and scored," says Keddie, "I thought maybe it'd been mishandled. Search all Archival and Manuscript Collections, Statistics and promotional materials, 1995 - 1996, ", To this day, the Bears rue Northwestern's "phantom" score and the judgment of the legendary Berwanger. So I pretty much walked up to Barnett's doorstep and said, "Hey, can I play for you?" People ask them, "So you played for Northwestern, were you a part of that good team back in 95?" "Dad, I can't tell you." "Tunnicliff was missing a finger from a combat injury [as a tank driver in Germany]. ", Cal mounted a serious last-ditch drive of its own. That Notre Dame finished at number 6 and went to the Orange Bowl. Here you are with a steering wheel, you also have a shift, and you have to move these three pedals at the same time. And that's not to say there weren't exceptions to that, I just never felt that the administration embraced athletics the way they do today. two folders (box 52 folder 18, box 53 folder 1) contain the results of various women's . We were laughing among ourselves at how they were calling us so lousy. It got us through tough times. The USC Trojans defeated the Northwestern Wildcats 41-32 on the strength of two touchdown passes from USC QB Brad Otton to WR Keyshawn Johnson. And I remember telling here, "I'm gonna go to Northwestern." Undefeated Northwestern hosting nationally ranked Michigan State. There are many talented players on this year's roster, though these players will be essential to the success to Penn State's 2023 season. The Minnesota Vikings have like a Nordic horn that they blow, andGraham Gnos and I ran through the bowels of the Metrodome, and we went and foundit in a room in the basement. Northwestern University Archives. The stadium is known for hosting the annual Rose Bowl Game, but it has also earned its world-class reputation by hosting five NFL Super Bowls, 1984 Olympic soccer matches, the 1994 Men's World Cup, the 1999 Women's World Cup, four BCS . Near the end of the season, Northwestern won vs. Purdue on November 16, 1996 with a final score of 27-24 (tapes 10A-10D). Jason Wendland: I've gotta admit, I'm a pretty cynical guy, and I was surprised with myself, especially looking back on it, how much I bought into the whole Musseau/Barnett storytelling. . I did not [have a speech prepared]. Greg Meyer (Offensive coordinator): My younger daughter, Makenzie, was five years old at the time, and when we went to the Notre Dame game, my wife and both daughters came to the game with one of the neighbors. There was a question that was asked of me, I believe by Larry Watts, was, "What do you say to [backup long snapper] Larry Curry?" We went to a hospital to see some kids, which was great, a couple people asked who I was, which was awesome. The man who transformed the Northwestern University Wildcats into a championship-winning team--the top story in college football in 1995--and who was named Coach of the Year discusses his leadership philosophies, his coaching techniques, and his winning year. Coming into the UCLAUSC rivalry game, the Trojans already had the Rose Bowl berth by virtue of more non-conference victories than Washington, even though a loss to the Bruins would leave both teams with a 611 record. The audiocassettes have been digitized and can be accessed at\n\nThis collection is stored off-site and requires two business days advance notice for retrieval. The Wildcats opened the 1995 season with a surprise 1715 win at #9 Notre Dame on September 3, 1995. No one could believe we scored first. Excellent play design, perfect time to call it. So I had taken them around, and I'm doing my little schtick, making lame jokes, and I remember thinking, man, here I am, here are these guys, they're having a good time, joking. So we hunted around, we were going to go to St. Johns up in Wisconsin, and they didn't have air conditioned dorms. Marcel wore number six. It's a really special place because of the people it attracts. And knowing we were in every game, but then to know that there was this underbelly, it just makes me so mad. Stewart Mandel: The entire campus, and the whole city of Chicago, was into it. As halfback Ed Tunnicliff (C50) recounted in a recent phone interview, "Sarki [Wildcat center Alex Sarkisian (C49), a future College Football Hall of Fame inductee] rallied us. The game ended in a 2121 tie. Rob Johnson: I'm more proud of being associated with the guys today because of who they are in their work lives, in their communities, in their families, than being proud of anything we did on the field. And I was about to punch him, but I realize he's helping me up. ", Thousands of students paraded around the campus and the streets of Evanston, and a reported 500 more did a snake dance in front of Marshall Field's in downtown Chicago. That's remarkable. Department of Athletics and Recreation, "We played a very conservative running game. Their 10-1 record earned them a spot in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1949. They didn't win the Big Ten: The Wildcats finished in second place in the Big Ten (then the Big Nine) in 1948, with a record of 8-2 (5-1 conference). "But they brought in somebody who played a great game.". Chris Martin (Senior cornerback): He told us this story about this guy who was a tightrope-walker. It was like, "Oh my gosh, they're in the top 10. ", Stewart Mandel: They played at Minnesota, and the game wasn't on TV, but there was some sort of close circuit TV, and one of the hotels in Evanston had a watch party for students, and lots and lots of people went. "This reunion's better than the last one," Sawle says. I thought that was kind of a low blow at the time and I still do. Glossary, Data Coverage, What Is Major?. Ryan Padgett: We got together this summer. So I'd go around the country. The Wildcats, who were then ranked in the AP poll for the first time since 1971, fell out of the spotlight when they lost to Miami University in their next game. Some last minute things. Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA. And that was the truth. U.S.C. "California was not in agreement," Nemeth says, "and I don't blame 'em. I don't think you can say that about most top level football programs. According to the Dec. 22, 1948, L.A. Times, 3,000 people waited in line all night to buy tickets. "My reaction was, 'I'm going to get to that goal line if I have to carry the whole stadium.'". I grew up in Ohio, and my dad coached high school football for 45 years. #DeDollarization #USDollar #Dollar #GeoPolitics Now get regular updates on , Rob Johnson: The Minnesota Vikings have like a Nordic horn that they blow, and [offensive lineman] Graham Gnos and I ran through the bowels of the Metrodome, and we went and foundit in a room in the basement of the Metrodome. 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. The victory kept another Rose Bowl trip alive for Northwestern (4-1 . Rose Bowl, 1996, Folder 1, Box: 26, Folder: 1. (Before that play, Northwestern's longest rush of the season was Perricone's 50-yard jaunt in the opener at UCLA, so something about playing in California apparently gave added oomph to the Wildcats' offense. One of the trainers had gone to the graduate assistant on the plane trip home from Iowa. And he put the board down. I'm just thankful for who they are. But they listened to me, so we got away with it. The Wildcats made big strides in 1994, but finished just 3-7-1. Every little milestone they reached, the more people got into it. Attendance: 100,102 Previous: 1995 Next: 1997 The 1996 Rose Bowl was the 82nd Rose Bowl Game. There was a group of Matt O'Dwyer, Todd Bascek, Billy Koziel, and some guys that really bought in. Word quickly spread in the press box, and there were a couple Northwestern grads up there, and we got all excited. They still live it to this day. Video: March to the '49 Rose Bowl Four members of Northwestern's 1949 Rose Bowlwinning team share the story of the Wildcats' history-making win over California. And he looked at us, and kind of nodded his head and smiled. This collection is stored at a remote campus location and requires two business days advance notice for retrieval. Horrio de atendimento: Segunda - Sexta das 17h s 21h. That is until running back Darnell Autry scored on a 2-yard touchdown run, putting Northwestern up 32-31 after a failed two-point conversion. William Weinbaum (J82, GJ83) is a New York Citybased producer for ESPN-TV and contributor to Chris Martin: I loved that horn that they had up there. Field judge Jay Berwanger, winner of the first Heisman Trophy in 1935 (read more about Berwanger in our "'49 Rose Bowl Trivia"), saw it the same way and ruled it a touchdown for Northwestern, which missed the extra point but took a 13-7 lead. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Illinois Football All-Time Rosters - 1975-1999 1890s: 1890 | 1891 | 1892 | 1893 | 1894 | 1895 | 1896 | 1897 | 1898 | 1899 1990s: 1900 | 1901 | 1902 | 1903 ", As Tunnicliff sprinted toward the goal line, "I knew Cal's Frank Brunk would hit me he jumped on my back at the 7-yard line," Tunnicliff says of the defender who significantly outweighed him. You've got to keep banging away, and eventually this things gonna turn. And that was Barnett's point. The summer of 95, I actually took my MCAT the Sunday of Kenosha. Dave Eanet: College GameDay was there, which was not what it is today, it was much smaller. Here's what ensued, in the Rose Bowl's wildest fourth quarter: --Vander Kelen immediately took Wisconsin 80 yards, Lou Holland scoring on a 13-yard sweep. You learned how to work together. D'Wayne Bates (Freshman wide receiver): Barnett recruited me as a quarterback/athlete. You look around and realize the people around you are high achievers, and many of them have never failed at anything they've done in their lives. From the Collection: The Asher Golden Collection contains 29 audiocassettes and a small amount of paper documents relating to his coverage of Northwestern football during the 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 seasons, including their first Rose Bowl appearance since 1949 and their first Big 10 title in 60 years. I'll never forget the first play of the game, I'm on the opposite side of the field as Tim Dwight, and he comes running across the field. And you can even go back to the guys that recruited my class. The teammates were honored during halftime of Northwestern's 37-20 loss to Michigan State in October. You remember learning? There were some guys that bought in from [former coach] Francis Peay's administration, and believed and really bought in, and that's hard to do, because he asked a lot of people. Perricone later served in the U.S. Army and became a Colorado district court judge. The 1996 Rose Bowl was the 82nd Rose Bowl Game.It was the 50th game in the series featuring the Big Ten Conference and the Pacific-10 Conference.The USC Trojans defeated the Northwestern Wildcats, 41-32, on the strength of two touchdown passes from USC quarterback Brad Otton to wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson.Johnson was named the Rose Bowl Player Of The Game. By edict of Voigts, the Northwestern players were to avoid their press clippings, pro or con. 1996 USC 41, Northwestern 32 1997 Ohio State 20, Arizona State 17 1998 Michigan 21, Washington State 16 Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? The first Rose Bowl Game played between college football's top two teams was played in Pasadena, California, in 1902. The question was and is whether Murakowski still had the ball as he got over the goal line. A lot of cheering, a lot of fun. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. The USC Trojans opened with six wins until losing at Notre Dame, 3810, on October 21. Following a hard-fought short gain for Aschenbrenner, Northwestern had the ball on the Cal 43. Check out our northwestern rose bowl shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Birthplace/Hometown: McKeesport, Pennsylvania. And so on the cover of our scouting report, it said, "Wisconsin is Big Six." J.A. The ball was snapped through Burson's legs to Tunnicliff, Nemeth recalls. Tunnicliff had already been called upon 10 times, averaging six yards a carry. And Saturday night, when you get released from your last meeting and you know you have Sunday off, it is sorta this childish giddiness. We come over to the sideline, and our offensive line coach comes up to us with the white board. For a half second, we thought, "Oh, you were going to leave?" Jubilant Northwestern fans celebrate the Wildcat win on the train bound for Chicago. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. It's easy to say you believe, it's easy to say you're ready, but when it gets right down to it, do you really believe? He saved me. The 82nd Rose Bowl USC and Northwestern photocopied roster, 1996-01-01, Box: 1, Folder: 5. 2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rob Johnson (Senior center): By the time you've been through it a few times, you know what to expect, it became enjoyable. We would not even tell our wives or girlfriends or parents or anything like that. And so I didn't want to get in the way. Barnett's team would take the field hours later, punctuating a season no one saw . I know my father was like, I think you can win.'. So Barnett came in between us, and Matt and I started talking again, and then he swung at me around coach Barnett. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. And I have a big ring, and those guys don't. Record: 9-3 (16th of 111) (Schedule & Results), Bowl Game: Lost Citrus Bowl 48-28 versus Tennessee. All rights reserved. Northwestern University Archives. Things fell in place, and when Frank broke loose, he just took off," says Nemeth. Nationality: United States. In addition, two folders (box 52 folder 18, box 53 folder 1) contain the results of various women's sports at Northwestern University, 1975-1990.One card-file box contains 3x5 index cards, organized alphabetically by sport, listing scores from sports events dating between 1871 and 1989/1990. To have coach Paterno come to talk to you, and pat your cheek like your grandfather, that stuff doesn't happen to everybody. We're still really close now. Many of the 'Cats had been in combat and were older, wiser and tougher than the typical student-athlete. The most strength, the most energy, the most drive. And I got out my box of 80 schools that had contacted me over my recruiting cycle, and I called every single one of them and said, "I'm that All-American, remember me?" It's almost like part of becoming what we wanted to becoming meant that you had to take this stuff at face value. It was a gradual build-up, and the Michigan game was the big moment, because then it was like, "Oh, okay, this is real. The title of the oral history is Belief Without Evidence, and it's really one of the overarching themes of that season. Dave Eanet (Northwestern radio play-by-play broadcaster) on the pre-1990 role of sports at Northwestern: I never sensed there was any effort on the part of the university to really get the students energized about the program. And protecting us as a team. Jerry Brown (Defensive backs coach): Going into the season, I guarantee you nobody on the coaching staff thought we'd be Big Ten champs. Jun 13, 2022 . I told them it'd be cheaper to go up there than to stay here. ROSE BOWL: USC 41, Northwestern 32 : Cinderella Beaten to Ball : Game: Otton and Johnson have a field day for Trojans, but they just barely outscore Northwestern, 41-32. . We didn't have any of that stuff. We're not going to let you skewer this one guy and put his head on the stake. Current Team: La Roche. And then run cold out, two weeks before signing day. Online Exclusive: Tunnicliff's Take on His Game-winning Touchdown, Tunnicliff's Take on His Game-winning Touchdown. The celebration for the victors continued after they left the West Coast. Every week that they won, it got more exciting. We had some good players, but none of them were NFL players. Follow a three-game skid, how has the Cats NCAA Tournament outlook shifted? That was the coolest. Northwestern's 1995 regular season record (like you don't know): 10-1 overall, 8-0 conference. While with the Wildcats as a graduate assistant coach (1994-96), Limegrover helped the team to a pair of bowl appearances (Citrus and Rose) and two Big Ten Championships. The game resumed 14 years later and has been played at the Rose Bowl Stadium ever sincewith the exception of 1942, when the game was moved to Durham, North Carolina, because of fears of a Japanese attack on the West Coast in the wake of Pearl Harbor. The giddiness climaxed in the cancellation of classes that ensuing Thanksgiving week. Inside Indianapolis: Behind the NFL Combine preparation of Adetomiwa Adebawore, Northwestern Wildcats Basketball Recruiting, Northwestern Wildcats Football Recruiting, Northwestern Basketball Season Preview 2015-16, Belief Without Evidence: An oral history of Northwestern's 1995 Rose Bowlseason, Entering March, the urgency is growing for Northwestern. They won against Air Force and Indiana to get back to #25 in the polls. - The video recordings on this web site are from material in the collections of the University Archives of Northwestern University Libraries, are provided for use by its . For most sports there is also a history file and/or an all-time statistics file to provide background information on the sport.For sports such as tennis or swimming, where there are both a men's and a women's team, records are organized alphabetically by the name of the sport, then divided into men's and women's team records. Gambling problem? Tell us what you think. It's crazy that even now, 20 years later, I can remember those names on that wall. Memories of Northwestern's 1995 Rose Bowl season: Best of therest. COLUMBUS, Ohio Following, Ohio State's 73-62 win against Maryland on Wednesday night, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann, along with the three seniors, answered questions from reporters. But the rest of it was, "Well that's good enough for us, that's all we need to hear. It was our thing. And the notion that he sold that we were gonna take Northwestern and turn it into a Big Ten championship squad he was already there. (such as box scores, recruiting records, rosters, and miscellaneous material). ", Early in the second half, things really seemed to look up for the 'Cats when Cal's golden boy was sidelined. Height: 6-6 (198cm) Weight: N/A. Trailing 14-13, the 'Cats' chances came down to a desperate drive from their own 12-yard line late in the fourth quarter. The 1995 Northwestern Wildcats football team represented Northwestern University in the 1995 NCAA Division I-A college football season.The 1995 season was a highly memorable one for the Northwestern program, as the Wildcats went 10-2 overall and 8-0 in the Big Ten Conference, earning their first winning season since 1971, their first conference championship since 1936, and their first 10 . Northwestern had burst from the constraints of a dead-and-buried program and shocked . Stewart Mandel: It really made me a college football fan for life. ", William Bennett: Coming out of the tunnel, the fans would yell, "Give us a good game Northwestern! They introduced each of the coaches one by one. Northwestern defeats Michigan, 17-16, in college football; photo (M) . And I was a former quarterback so me catching and throwing was something I had done many previous times. So I thought it would be cool to publish some of the best memories, quotes and stories that didn't make the final cut. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) None of us were used to that. The play remains one of the most controversial in Rose Bowl history. In fact, if Notre Dame is used as a compass, Northwestern should have its way in this Rose Bowl. Members of the court were: Queen Keli Hutchins, San Marino, San Marino High School; Princesses Lissa Anderson, Pasadena, Blair High School; Sarah Clinton, Arcadia, Arcadia High School; Nancy Grace, South Pasadena, Mayfield Senior School; Katherine Kingston, San Marino, San Marino High School; Jennifer Lai, Pasadena, Westridge School for Girls; and Sara Packer, La Canada, La Canada High School. . The official athletics website for the Wisconsin Badgers Badgers And being back in Welsh-Ryan, where Gary had proclaimed the famous, "We're going to take the purple to Pasadena," it sort of came full circle. "He had possession when he crossed. "A lot of people didn't think we belonged in it," Nemeth recalls. College Football at Blog and Articles. Somebody wrote on their window, one of the windows that faced Sheridan Road, "0-11. Did I think I was going to win? We had practiced that play for months, going all the way back to camp. Free shipping for many products! They went 0-11 my sophomore year, and I think people took pride in that. No School! stand for?" But it's not the 500th hit that breaks it, it's all 500 of those leading up to that. It turned into the only lopsided blemish on the Wildcats' season, a 28-0 defeat. Darnell Autry (Sophomore running back): I found out shortly after the Purdue game that I was going to be a finalist, but I didn't really grasp what that meant. We suck." The following week, the now third-ranked Purple & White traveled to Ann Arbor to face mighty Michigan, defending Western Conference (later known as the Big Ten) and Rose Bowl champion. And the next morning the parade starts, and you're like, "Oh, it's a parade. Good luck today!" "I would just like to hear someone from Northwestern admit it. on them. His graduate assistant had come to him Sunday night. stand for?" And I kinda snapped and said, "Look, there's not one person that's responsible for that loss. Jason Wendland (Junior offensive tackle): When you tell the story of the Rose Bowl season, you cannot neglect to mention those players that were on teams the preceding years. "Frank Aschenbrenner, Alex Sarkisian and Art Murakowski they were all older, profound leaders, unbelievable football players. Above the masthead on the Daily Northwestern's front page was "No School! Well, it wasn't. Later that month on October 26, 1996, they defeated Illinois in a 27-24, documented in tapes 6A-6C. Because I really thought the accuser was the guy that was wrong. Northwestern defeated No. What do you have to say about that?" The great Penn State defenses I've been a part of, the Colorado defenses, they had a lot of great draft picks and NFL football players, but at Northwestern, we didn't have a lot of them. But the station made the decision to go ahead and carry the game. It wasn't really official until spring ball in 1995. Members of Northwestern's 1949 Rose Bowl-winning team returned to Ryan Field for a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Wildcats' first trip to Pasadena, Calif. Sam Valenzisi (Senior kicker): I remember sitting in Pick-Staiger as a freshman during Welcome Week, and [then-Northwestern University president] Arnie Weber said, "Everybody who was valedictorian of their high school class, stand up. "One of the things I think about most often from that game is Frank's TD," says fellow halfback Tunnicliff. And I tried to step on his hands getting up. Tom Worthington (C50) had the other two no other team or game in Rose Bowl history has had two players with two interceptions. The 82nd Rose Bowl USC and Northwestern photocopied roster, 1996-01-01, Box: 1, Folder: 5. Draft Entry: 2023 . / CBS Chicago. And when coach Barnett called it, I was like, "Okay! It was ridiculously cold, but I wouldn't have left for anything. So it was Kenosha. What a feeling. Many of them are high achievers. Vintage 90s Northwestern Wildcats 1996 Rose Bowl Crewneck Sweashirt. And this time I broke it up. And I remember for the first time, during the fourth quarter, not being able to hear Fitzy make calls. Michigan went 9-0 (6-0) to win the conference crown . It was a weird Kenosha that year, because there were tons and tons and tons of lightning storms. Aschenbrenner took quarterback Don Burson's (SESP50, GSESP52) handoff on what started as a simple off-tackle run to the right. The stadium was still half-empty for the home games before that, and then the Michigan game happened, and it just seemed like after that, people really started to get into it. 9 Notre Dame 17-15 in South Bend, putting the school in the AP poll for the first time since 1971. That's the only way we got up there. A Washington loss to Oregon on November 4 put USC in the lead in the Pac-10 race. As Lawrence "Fatso" Day (EB50), a WWII veteran and Wildcat lineman is quick to point out, junior end Al Thomas (CB50) was awarded a Silver Star, the third-highest honor bestowed by the armed forces. One of the key plays in the game that extended Northwestern's lead to 19-13 was a double-pass. When the Wildcats entered the stadium filled with 93,000 fans, the atmosphere was "pretty electrifying," says Nemeth. So we had a lot of indoor practices. "We were in various services all over the world, really," says Ed Nemeth (C50), a paratrooper for the 101st Airborne Division in Germany who played guard for the Wildcats and still marvels at the group's maturity and camaraderie. The Northwestern Wild. I did some receiver because of the injuries we had. Stewart Mandel: We did the stupidest thing, but it's cool that we did it. And I thought, "Oh my gosh, we're going to the Rose Bowl." Steve Schnur (Junior quarterback): There's this guy that's a stonecutter, and he shows up every day, and his job is to break apart these big boulders, and he takes a hammer and whacks away at this boulder over and over and over all day, and eventually the boulder breaks.

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