Sharon and Dominic Crespo

Sharon and Dominic Crespo
August 11, 2015

I first met Dana through my then, ex-husband, Dominic who had been through her Life Enrichment Boot Camp. He was so touched and inspired by what he learned about himself by going through the Boot Camp, that he began going to see Dana as a life coach. At this time, we had been divorced for two years, and he began to pursue me and desire reconciliation. He strongly encouraged us to go through the Marriage Boot Camp together, to which I agreed. It is at Marriage Boot Camp that I was first introduced to Dana, and immediately knew she was someone that would be a major influence in our life. She is so easy to talk to and has such a warm and friendly personality. We began going to see Dana together and separately for counseling in 2012. She coached us through some really difficult times! She laughed with us and cried with us. She was able to break through our very stubborn and selfish ways to get us to see how we could begin to work together in love and harmony and to break down the walls we had built up against each other over the many years of hurt. We had been to numerous other counselors over the years and, I admit, it was really hard to put my trust, my heart, and our story out there once again. But, we were able to find the best coach, friend, and mentor in Dana. She changed our lives and was the only one who could break through to us and coach us to victory, reconciliation, and reunion. We were just remarried this July 2014 and were able to bring our family back together again!! We learned what we needed and used the tools that Dana taught us to have a successful relationship. LOVE WINS! We could not have done this without you Dana!!

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Sharon Crespo, RN, BSN
Dominic Crespo, National Director of Construction


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