Pam Venne’, MA,LPC

Pam Venne’, MA,LPC
January 29, 2016

My relationship with Dana goes way back. I have watched her develop and grow into an incredible coach.  She leads Boot Camps that according to her attendees, is well worth it in time and cost whether you are going as an individual or as a couple.

As time has passed, she has honed her remarkable skills to bring people through some of the toughest struggles in their lives through individual coaching.  She is smart and knows her limits.

She has referred many clients to me when they need guidance and support in the area of “career”.  It could be that they are stuck, underemployed, unemployed, bored of doing the same thing, want a different adventure or a change of culture…that is when she connects them to me.

If you are thinking about choosing a coach to work through one of life’s tough problems, give Dana Hamman a call.

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Pam Venne’, MA,LPC
The Venne Group


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