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Stacy Allen

Stacy Allen, CACP
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Stacy has the passion and skills to help you become the person you were born to be. No matter where her clients are when they begin, she offers them a new perspective to give them new possibilities. She inspires and guides her clients to become healthier mentally, physically and spiritually, and she helps them uncover their true value so they have a firm foundation to build their relationships and set their goals upon. Stacy enjoys working with couples who desire a lasting and loving relationship. Stacy’s amazing sense of encouragement and keen ability to get to the heart of the issues help equip her clients to find the life of enjoyment and purpose they desire.

Stacy’s natural instincts for coaching surfaced at a young age. As long as she can remember, she’s had a knack for asking questions which resulted in people seeing a new way to look at things. In her youth, she competed in skating for 12 years and later became a competitive skating coach. During her years as a manager and staff liaison in the dental field, she used her natural instincts for coaching in her management and leadership style.

In 2010, she graduated from the Life Enrichment Boot Camp where she returned to become a trainer and small group facilitator, helping others experience the same freedom and purpose she gained from the program. In 2013, Stacy completed her formal training as a Coaching Practitioner and launched her coaching career. Her unique real-life experiences have shaped her versatile approach and given her the ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds. Stacy is a Certified Advanced Coaching Practitioner, a Certified Marriage on the Rock Leader and a Take Shape for Life Health Coach. She offers time-tested, effective tools to help her clients find the success they’re looking for.

Stacy enjoys writing articles for local publications, speaking to groups and networking with other like-minded professionals in the area.

Stacy lives in the Dallas area where she and her husband of 23 years, Stanton, share 3 wonderful children. Her oldest son has launched his career in advertising and her younger son is off to college. She also has a daughter still in the nest and is blessed to have most of her extended family in the area as well.

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