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Connie Vadnais M.Ed. CACP
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Connie is an Educator, Life Coach, Guidance Counselor and Vacation Enthusiast. Connie has a passion for showing kids young and old how to have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their life. Connie serves as a trainer at The Marriage and Life Enrichment Boot Camp. Connie has also lead self-awareness groups for 5th and 6th grade girls at Harmony Schools, along with speaking to girls age 14 -17 at the AWOW International Girls Leadership Summit.

Connie has three children of her own, and together she and her girls have been able to take their mess of divorce, heartache, financial struggles, depression, cutting and suicide and turn it all into a positive message of hope and transformation. Connie is very proud to watch the seeds she has planted with her girls blossom as each daughter forges her own path to a stronger and healthier future.

Connie’s purpose is to help children, teens, and young adults, as well as single parents and families grow value, confidence and self-worth so they can foster a positive mindset and set the foundation for a life of direction, happiness and fun! Connie uses Guidance Counseling, life skills, social skills, mindset training and tutoring with a twist to help her clients cultivate and create a life of fun, freedom and fulfillment.

The Seeds You Plant Today, Determine the Type of Garden You will live in Tomorrow

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