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Carla McGowan

Dr. Carla McGowan, CACP
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Carla is a Life, Relationship and Personal Development Coach. She has a heart for helping people find their passion and purpose. Her deepest desire is working with couples as they endeavour to strengthen their relationships as she has experienced the pain of a broken marriage. Whether working with singles seeking that one true love, those recovering from the pain of divorce, couples struggling through a difficult relationship or couples wanting their relationship to grow stronger she is passionate about her work in walking alongside her clients as they develop the skills to become fully present in the life they long for. In addition to relationship work, Carla also works with individuals wanting to set and reach goals, overcome addictions, establish healthier lifestyles, recovering from grief and those seeking to live lives without regrets to name a few. Carla received her Bachelor’s degree from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, her Master’s degree from Yale University and her Doctorate degree in counseling from Christian Leadership University and is an ordained minister with Christian Restoration Fellowship International. She is an award winning professional opera singer who lived in and toured in Europe for many years, performing in six countries and in five languages. Carla is married to the love of her life, Mitch and she enjoys teaching music to students part time.

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