Meet Our Coaches

Meet Our Coaches

Our team of Coaches are here to help you find the YOU you've always wanted to be! If you are ready to dump old baggage, heal old wounds, break bad habits, improve your relationships, set new goals (and reach them), then THIS IS YOUR TIME and your Foundation Coach is waiting for you! Come sit on our couch but get ready to work and we will guide you as you gain the tools you need to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Dana Hamman

Dana B. Heartman, CMCP
Executive Director
Master Life Coach

Dana has a passion for helping people identify ways to improve their lives and relationships. After 10 years as a Sales Director in Enterprise Software, she began Foundation Coaching in 1999, originally providing sales training, executive coaching, business consulting and later, personal coaching. Dana’s purpose, as a Master Life Coach, is working with individuals, couples, teens and entire families to help them reach their full potential and improve their relationships. Also in 1999, Dana began working with a non-profit seminar where she met Founder Jim Carroll and Managing Director David Bishop and joined them as they delivered life changing seminars each month. In 2002, the trio set out to launch Jim’s new accelerated programs, The Life Enrichment and Marriage Boot Camps that were designed to deliver a powerful life-changing impact to those attending in just 4 days.  

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Sarah McKinzie

Sarah McKinzie, CACP
Operations Director
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Sarah McKinzie found her calling in helping others professionally as a coach in January 2010 after years of leadership and management positions. Sarah was shown the value of coaching through a mentor who helped her through her own personal journey when tragedy struck her family. She is equally passionate about her role as a trainer with the Marriage Boot Camp and Life Enrichment Boot Camp after experiencing the healing transformation first-hand. Sarah joined Foundation Coaching Group in December 2012 where she currently serves as both a coach and Director of Operations.

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Carla McGowan

Dr. Carla McGowan, CACP
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner
Business Growth Strategist

Carla has been a Life, Relationship and Personal Development Coach for the last 5 years. She joined Rononco Strategic Solutions in 2017 to head up their Women’s Division as a Business Growth Strategist. Her focus is helping women business owners develop specific strategies to move their company from one level to the next level of growth and profitability. She does this by working one on one with each of her clients to create a custom marketing strategy and by helping create structures in the business to sustain the growth of the company. Carla has a passion to help people discover their purpose and live out of their passion so they can realize their full potential and create the life of their dreams both personally and professionally.

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Kathy Schlund

Kathy Schlund, CACP
Certified Advanced Coach Practitioner

Kathy is a Coach and Nutritionist , with 35 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry, Corporate America, and as an Entrepreneur. Her life experiences have brought her untold challenges, or as she calls them, opportunities for growth. As a divorced mother of three, Kathy embraced many challenges and now, she helps others do the same with greater ease, less effort and some well developed tools. Kathy's clients appreciate her keen ability to isolate the issues or changes that they are facing and her unique talent and education that gives her rare insight to its impact on them emotionally and physically. Kathy has an edge that allows her to take her clients to the summit of their full potential and desired goals. 

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Rick Wright, JD, FCP
Legal Coach, Certified Mediator

Rick has a passion for helping his clients navigate the divorce process as well as civilly resolve conflict whether personal or corporate. It is his goal that no one throws away or destroys their financial security in the heat of battle when other options are so readily available.

He practiced law for almost 30 years, focusing on litigation and dispute resolution in a variety of areas ranging from simple personal disputes to complex commercial litigation. Rick also spent several years in family law, navigating clients through the ins and outs of divorce and child custody resolution. His unique perspective adds significant value and experience to Foundation Coaching Groups mediation, divorce mediation and arbitration practices. Rick has participated in hundreds of mediations as a mediator or party representative, and has also served as an arbitrator.

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Kinjii Cuington, CCP
Certified Coach Practitioner

Kinjii is a Certified Life Coach who has a love and passion for helping others build stronger spiritual connections with themselves internally and the Most High Primal Source. She guides those individuals who have lost their faith, looking to find their purpose and seeking to do what they feel that purpose calls and inspires them to do. She also assists those individuals who have the desire to change their nutritional habits as well as enhance their overall image.

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David Goff, UiM
Life Coach

David is a Caregiver’s Coach. He believes that caregivers are amazing people whether or not it was their chosen profession or a responsibility taken out of pure desire or necessity. Caregivers are some of the Supermen and Superwomen of our society. His passion is to provide an avenue for these Supermen and Superwomen of society to have a safe environment to remove their capes and recharge and renew their energies and spirits.

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Courtney Leigh Watkins, CCP
Certified Life Coach

Courtney is an entrepreneur at heart. She has a gift of leading, listening, encouraging, and helping others. Since divorcing, she realized she wanted to support others going through similar situations. Her passion is to help people get through their past, start over, find their gifts, set goals, and dream again. She believes that no matter where you are in your life journey, there is always a chance to begin again. She calls herself a Single Mom on a Mission. She is definitely on a mission to help others rebuild and start living the life they deserve.

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